It's all in the trigger squeeze.

Raxus Prime - Session 8 (Beyond the Rim)
Some Debts are Better Paid

Session 7: Race to Raxus Prime

The session begins with the team arriving at Raxus Prime in short order with a skillful programming of the Navicomputer. On arrival the team receives a troubling message from Teemo the Hutt for Bosski essentially asking for monetary payment in regards to his having killed one of Teemo’s most prized pit fighters. Bosski agrees but then shorts Teemo the full asking price.

Planetary customs accepts the team’s surreptitious landing codes and story about bringing salvage to the junk world, however, an on site boarding is called for by customs who asks to rendezvous with them. A decision is made to run for the surface and attempt to elude the pursuers in the scrap canyons below. A group of 4 TIEs and a Lambda shuttle pursue the team into the atmo and towards the canyons.

Ooyakk pilots the Hunter’s Gambit into the canyons but Tengo doesn’t see a piece of low hanging metal and glances off if it in the Jade Lightning. A pair of TIE closes in on the team in the canyon while 2 others over fly the area along with the shuttle. Tengo manages to recover the flat spin the collision put him into while Huck and Jihm man the ship’s turrets. When the TIEs close to range both are engaged by the Gambit’s guns and destroyed in the canyon.

On exiting the canyon the team’s pair of ships are again attacked by the remaining TIEs as they scream towards a large junk arch in the scrap filled landscape. The main guns from the Gambit again rake the remaining pair of TIEs with fire destroying them as well. The shuttle flees the scene. The team continues on to the secret coordinates they were provided to meet Roehm and the ISOTECH people.

On landing the team in the camouflaged landing bay of ISOTECH the team is approached by an employee named Norta who asks for a brief synopsis of events. He relays that Roehm has been delayed but will arrive by the evening. Norta is pleasantly shocked at the thorough and complete success of the team. He advances them 2000 credits and shows them to quarters, food and a merchant area. The team makes a few purchases of gear and upgrades at the base, “Scrapheap Point”. While shopping the team notices an independent droid shopping for weapons as well. The team is approached by an unknown Twi’lek female that asks if they are available for a bounty hunting job on Coruscant, and they indicate they possibly may be.

The team then learns the operation is in constant need of various ship parts for other clients and Ooyakk, Huck, Tengo, and Bosski venture out into the pile to conduct some salvaging while Jihm remains in the base. The team does manage to locate the items. They are approached by a skiff with Jawas but warn them off, having grown paranoid of unknown contacts. On their return to the base they are tracked by an Imperial probe droid and forced to engage it with fire. It is quickly neutralized but likely has sent some kind of signal.

The four members return to the base with their items. Having been successful in their efforts they are paid for the items. Norta then invites them to a dinner and explains Roehm will likely arrive during the meal. The team chooses to attend the meal. Bosski decides he wants to impress Roehm on his arrival so he returns to the Gambit and retrieves Yar’s head from stasis. He has kitchen staff place the head on a covered platter with garnishment as a macabre gift to present Reohm with.

While on his way back to dinner he is approached by the same Twi’lek female inquiring further about the teams availability and asks him to review a target list. Bosski agrees and begins glancing at a datapad she hands him. A trap is sprung as he takes the pad and his attention is diverted. The female runs from him towards the dining area, she draws and throws a stun grenade in the same motion. From behind Bosski hears something large come charging down the ramp of a ship parked opposite the landing bay entrance. To his shock he sees Katoo Leachos coming at him cursing his name. Clearly still upset at his beating Bosski had handed him on Coruscant.

Bosski manages to signal the rest of the team on the comlink as to the situation before moving to engage Kaato. The grenade attack has little effect on Bosski as he charges Kaato. The rest of the team leaps from the table and runs for the bay. While running the droid they had seen earlier joins them for unknown reasons that become clear quickly. The team arrives near the bay entrance and the droid produces a grenade form an arm compartment and throws it at them. Jihm, Huck, and Ooyakk engage the droid, while Tengo charges into the bay to assist Bosski.

Bosski and Katoo have exchanged blows. The Twi’lek has taken cover across the bay and is firing on Bosski as well with blaster set to stun. Clearly the assailants have an interest in taking some, or all, of the team alive. Katoo in cursing Bosski has alluded to his debt to Teemo. Tengo fires on Katoo scoring a twin hit with his blaster pistols. Katoo stays on his feet. The rest of team heavily damages the droid in the hall and he takes further fire from behind destroying him, possibly from ISOTECH security. Another figure emerges from the assailant’s ship, a human male, armed with a force pike and he charges group in the hall to the bay hurling a stun grenade. The blast from that grenade catches Huck and Jihm. Huck is knocked unconscious and Jihm knocked back. Ooyakk engages Kaatoo with fire from cover near the bay entrance.

Katoo then decides to move around Bosski, who is fighting him near the base of the ship’s ramp, and close with Tengo. Kaatoo strikes Tengo twice with his stunning hand to hand skills and the Twi’lek shoots Tengo in the back as well. The flurry of solid hits drops Tengo in an unconscious heap in the middle of the bay floor.

Jihm engages the human male and begins to damage him over by the bay entrance, but the human strikes back again knocking Jihm to his knees with his force pike. Ooyakk keeps firing on Kaatoo, who has turned back to Bosski and is fighting him with a blaster pistol set to stun. During their confrontation Kaatoo damages Bosski’s vibro ax turning it into a simple blunt unpowered instrument, which Bosski continues to swing.

Across the bay Jihm is nearly defeated by the human male but he continues to fight back and between him and Ooyakk they manage to drive him off. He makes an attempt for the ship but is killed by fire from Jihm. The Twi’lek breaks from cover and heads for the assailant’s vessel. Bosski and Kaatoo continue to exchange blows, Bosski is struck with a Glop grenade and Ensnared in place but not before he manages to best Kaatoo again knocking him unconscious.

Unfortunately a medical droid comes form the assailant’s vessel and revives Katoo before Bosski and the team can rally. They escape the bay.

Raxus Prime – Session 8 (Beyond the Rim)

ABY 0-7-7 Galactic Standard Calendar

The team is helped by ISOTECH staff and they finally meet with Roehm. They learn he was injured in combat with YiYar operatives on the Wheel. He offers not only to pay them for their superb services, but also apologizes for what occurred in the bay, he proposes a business relationship given their obvious talents and in return offers the resources of the ISOTECH organization. He offers a sizable cash stipend in return for this relationship. During their negotiations, Tengo gives Roehm ISOTECHs financial records that B-1R had been able to access from their system to show good faith.

While this conversation is ongoing the base is discovered by Imperial patrol and attacked. In addition Roehm apologizes but it appears the team sent by Teemo was able to sabotage their ships with explosives and they are both too heavily damaged to be repaired in time given the Imperial attack.

Roehm says if they will help him get the CR-90 hidden in the scrap pile they are in space worthy, they may escape with him to a fall back secondary ISOTECH facility and he will help outfit them with a new vessel, as well as, continue to offer equipment at price they may require. The team agrees and the flight from Raxus Prime begins.

In the Shadows
In the Shadows – Sessions 5-7 (Ooyakk Chronicles)

*ABY 0-6-20 — 0-7-2 * Galactic Standard Calendar

The voyage has been a long grueling journey, after leaving Chamax onto a new source of bounty on The Wheel. The 14 day trip back out of deep space took it’s toll on Ooyakk and the rest of the crew, thus Ooyakk stared off blankly as he sat in the pilot’s chair. The rest of the crew were in quarters or at mess as they would soon break hyperspace and break into the system containing the wheel. Ooyakk needed to ensure the rest of the crew were ready when reaching the jump zone, as he reached for the Comm Link he noticed that a message was being hailed by the Hunter’s Gambit’s communications array. As Ooyakk attempted to pull up the message he noted a familiar encryption key. This must be a message from Councilman Jaa. Ooyakk looked around briefly to ensure no other crew were nearby and entered the encryption key to open the message.

Finally it was a clue he had been waiting for he will find the trail that leads him to the rebel Gand and the shadowy figure manipulating him. Yet, how was Ooyakk to get this information should this mission prove to be as councilman Jaa stated and how would he keep it a secret from the rest of the crew? Ooyakk in his contemplation adjusted his Ammonia breather and set to work to devise a plan as they moved approached the Jump zone.

On the Wheel Ooyakk and the crew of IA meet with Roem just as Councilman Jaa had stated they would and the mission details were exactly as stated as well. Who was councilman jaa working with to get such exacting details on a mission so far from the home world? After spending some time to gather equipment and details on the location of the purposed lost ship Ooyakk and the IAI crew set off to the planet of Cholganna.

During the jump to the planet of Cholganna Ooyakk put the start of his plan into action. As pilot it was his duty to ensure the ship stayed on course which left him a lot of time to explore the ship and it’s working when the rest of the crew were asleep. Wandering the halls and discussing the workings of the ship with B1R he soon found that the environmental systems were located just aft of the Bridge and were easily accessible. In learning this Ooyakk stated to tinker with the system to note oxygen levels throughout the ship. He soon triggered an alarm which he soon sabotaged, informing the crew that they will need to get the sensor replaced one the ship returned from Beyond the Rim. With the sensor on constant alarm there was no telling from the rest of the crew if there was anything amidst.

On the final day of the voyage before reaching Cholganna Ooyakk was putting final touches on the changes to the environmental system to ensure remote manual overrides on the oxygen production of the ship. As he returned to the bridge he found B1R staring down at the comm system. B1r glances up at Ooyakk and asks "Good afternoon Ooyakk, I see that this message has been received by the comm system. I believe that we need to share this information so that the group can decide if we wish to pursue this information to find your rebel Gand. " Ooyakk knew that this was not the right time to reveal his intentions or plans with the rest of the IAI. Ooyakk reached into into his pocket knowing this day could come but was sure it would have been FA-13 to root out this secret. Thumbing the restraining bolt he had been carrying around he approached B1R, As B1R turned to get out of the Pilot seat Ooyakk slipped on the Bolt.

Ooyakk hurriedly pulled the now limp pile of scrap across the floor out of the bridge into the environmental control room. He propped him up in the corner and sealed the door. There would be no reason for crew to enter but how would he explain B1R’s absence?

As soon as the hunter’s Gambit dropped from Hyperspace they were meet with a debris filled nebula that caused both Tengo and Ooyakk to make a number of decisive maneuvers to make it to Cholganna, once the debris was clear both pilots made their way to the surface of the planet for scanning, in their haste trying to locate the ship and survivors as well as stay ahead of the Yiyar Clan the no one stopped to mention the absence of B1R, much to Ooyakks relief. As the crew and it’s newest addition Huckyl B. Finn made their through the jungles of Cholganna Ooyakk was preoccupied with the recent stashing of B1R and how he would proceed with completing the stealing of the data should they find anything.

Shortly after reaching the main structure of the ship, and a brief encounter with some Cholganna wildlife Huckyl asks Ooyakk to join him in the hunt for the Nexu. Huckyl mentions something about helping Ooyakk refine his skills in tracking but Ooyakk is just looking to get away from the rest of the crew before any questions arise.

After capturing the Nexu and reaching the hunters Gambit the rest of the IAI had found the Dr. in charge of cybernetics and all of her materials. To Ooyakk’s surprise she was to ride on the ship with as they took her to Raxus Prime to meet Roem. Ooyakk and the rest of the IAI crew assisted the refugees into the Hunters Gambit and soon made leave from the surface of Cholganna.

While orbiting the Cholganna Ooyakk made his astrogation calculations to Raxus Prime, yet he needed to extend the trip so that he could retrieve the needed information and transmit it once it was obtained. He added another 2 days to the trip, mentioning to Tengo that the star maps retrieved from the wheel indicated heavy imperial patrols and that the new route was in place to circumnavigate around the patrols.

As hunters Gambit made the Jump, Ooyakk’s final phase started. Slowly over the course of a few hours Ooyakk decreased the oxygen output of the Environmental system, as the O2 levels dropped the crew and passengers soon stopped wondering the ship and soon they were all asleep, with the exception of the medical droid that came with the doctor and FA-13. Ooyakk made his rounds and noted that the Medical droid was working on a number of schematics that the doctor has assigned him to rework and FA-13 was busy stacking the guns and counting his credits in the storage room. Now was the time to get that information, Ooyakk crept into the cell where the doctor was staying and quickly downloaded all of the data contained and grabbed all of the doctor’s notebooks and began recording them. Once all of the information was obtained. Ooyakk brought the O2 levels back to normal and prepped the transmission. As soon as the came out of Hyperspace the transmission was ready to send.

All Ooyakk can do now is wait to see if the information was received as needed, and what information Jaa will be able to provide about finding the Rebel Gand.

Plunder of the Sa Nalor - Session 7 (Beyond the Rim)
Plunder of the Sa Nalor – Session 7 (Beyond the Rim)

ABY 0-7-1 Galactic Standard Calendar

Stonecrusher, Bosski, FA-13 and Tengo Ryder, Entered the ruins of Sa Nalaor. The mission; to locate the Sa Nalaor, recover technology, wealth, and potential survivors and bring back anything they find. The four crew members entered the wreck late in the afternoon. They were confronted by a rusted and decaying hulk of a ship that offered no quarter. Stonecrusher and Bosski took turns Spelunking and bouncing their skulls off the inner bulkheads while Tengo Ryder looked on in disbelief.
Searching anywhere technology and valuables might be cached or stealthily hidden, our company found a holo-emitter and very little wealth. They were confronted by three cybernetically enhanced Nexu. While not surprised by the ambush, they did not expect the ferocity with which the Kitty-cats recklessly charged. FA-13 was knocked out of the fight in the first charge. Blaster fire riddled the space hulk and the cats, eventually killing two of the three. FA-13 was rebooted and patched. A night in the hulk turned up very little in the way of mission objectives. Bosski was kept awake by the snoring of Tengo and Stonecrusher. As one might imagine Bosski was a bit tense and grouchy due to a lack of sleep. The hulk searched and few valuables found, our troop exited the hulk to find a competitor, the Yiyir Clan awaiting them in the cover outside the wreck. Yav, a Rodian of the Yiyir Clan, second in command, and of significant value to IsoTech’s competition, lead the assault on our company. A fierce battle erupted with blaster fire exchanged between opposing factions. Two Trandosians took heavy damage from Tengo and Stonecrusher and retreated into the jungle. Yav took several blaster bolts from Tango and stonecrusher before Bosski enganged the Rodian in single gladiatorial combat. Bosski hit Yav and Yav returned the favor. Critical hits from both gladiators landed. Bosski was critically wounded and called on his lizard toughness returning a strike to Yav, eventually severing both of Yav's arms and crushing his skull. Bosski roared triumphantly. While Tengo and Stonecrusher were busy routing elite forces of the Yiyar Clan, FA-13 devised a plan to keep the rank and file grunts from flanking our group. He jumped into the Hunter’s Gambit, powered it up and deftly piloted it within striking distance of the Rodian soldiers trying to squeeze behind a single boulder. Twin blaster cannons from the underbelly of the Gambit lanced razor red blaster bolts into the jungle causing the remaining troops to withdraw from the fight. No casualties were noted, but the blaster fire was effective in suppressing the assault.
A quick treacherous transmission from IT-3PO sent the group back into the hulk after loot that failed to materialize. The group, frustrated with the ruse exited to find a small separatist army on the shore near the Gambit, talking to the traitor IT-3PO. No less than two of the party were inclined to shut the droid down with a blast to his metal skull. Calmer thoughts prevailed and we were introduced to Captain Harsol, and his followers. We later met Captain Cratala and her staff at the fortified village about 30 minutes travel from the Sa Nalaor. We were introduced to the villagers/survivors of the wreck. There was clearly opposition to us being allowed to live and a sentiment that having done so would bring the wrath of the Empire. Negotiations were short lived when an assault craft flown by the Imperial ISB troopers arrived and attempted to surround the compound with speeder bikes. A fierce battle erupted between the Imperial troops and the occupants of the compound. Blaster fire lanced back and forth, Bosski charged into the fray following three Nexu that head been modified by Cratala. Bosski cleaved a trooper and cut the control surfaces of a speeder bike, sending it spiraling into the outer works of the compound. A spectacular explosion erupted. A short battle ended in Imperial forces being routed and fleeing the planet before they could be pacified. The stark realization by Captain Harsol and his crew, that the Empire had found them, resulted in the quick evacuation of important information and personnel on board the Hunter’s Gambit. The remaining crew were hidden in nearby caves in preparation for follow on evacuation. The Hunter’s Gambit hurtled through hyper-space to its next destination, Raxus Prime.
After Action Review:
Lessons from the encounter. FA-13 needs to work on marksmanship, and flew the Hunter’s Gambit far better than Ooyakk believed possible. Tengo and Stonecrusher agree additional ground based firepower is needed in the form of Heavy blaster or repeating blaster weapons. While Bosski is medically trained, his gladiatorial skill set can cash checks far greater than is his ability to heal the damage done by such encounters. Bosski needs to work on his bedside manner. The Hunter’s Gambit, while sufficient for current operations may need to be upgraded or sold in favor of a larger ship with a cargo capacity allowing a mule or several land speeder craft for planetary operations. Huck and Ooyaak returned to the ship just prior to lift off. Their mission to capture a live Nexu, ended in unknown results. We await their briefing.

Exploration of Cholganna - Session 6 (Beyond the Rim)
Exploration of Cholganna – Session 6 (Beyond the Rim)

ABY 0-6-25 Galactic Standard Calendar

The session begins with team IAI (Imminent Apprehensions Inc) in pursuit of the Yiyar clan on the Wheel. The Yiyar thugs had just captured the droid provided by IAI’s employer ISOTECH who was to assist in the search of Cholganna for the wreck of the SaNalaor. The team split up in the pursuit with Stonecrusher taking off on foot in pursuit of the thieves. Bosski leapt into a grav sled commandeered by Ooyakk and they proceeded to ‘speed’ after the bandits. FA-13 took to the air with his jet-pack and followed as well while Huck and Tengo drew long range weapons and took aim at the Yiyar thugs.
Stonecrusher was first to close the distance but unfortunately he also presented the first target of opportunity to them as well. A barrage of blasters set to stun dropped Stonecrusher as he reached the opponents grav sled. Next FA-13 closed range and fired at them missing his mark. Tengo took aim and fired first. Choosing to aim for the sled driver a well aimed shot put the driver down but a hapless med droid wandered into the line of fire and was destroyed by the shot on its way to its target. Huck followed with a shot from his hunting rifle that delivered a vicious wound to one of the Yiyar leadership but did not fell him.
Tengo then chose to move to Stonecrusher and begin to revive him. Huck took another shot felling the leader he had hit prior. FA-13 fired again missing his mark. Ooyakk and Bosski had closed the distance by this point. In taking his shot Huck had killed the Yiyar leader whom had also taken control of the led and caused it to crash. Bosski jumped from his and Ooyakk’s sled and engaged the remaining Yiyar people killing another. When the whole group reached the sled the remaining Yiyar goons had fled. They secured the ISOTECH droid, IT-3PO and decided to beat a hasty retreat from the scene.
IAI then boarded their freighter and fighter and chose to disregard a Wheel ground stop order and take off to flee the Wheel. In so doing they encountered a bulk freighter that was landing while they exited. There was minor hull damage to the fighter however aside from some ungracious comments to flight control they successfully fled the system and set course for Cholganna.
When team IAI arrives at their destination they drop from hyperspace in the middle of a sensor scrambling nebula and meteor shower. Some deft piloting checks later coupled with minor hull damage and they manage to make orbit above Cholganna. The team then engages in a series of ever focused scans of the planet and manage to narrow their field of options for possible crash sites if the SaNalaor to 10,000 sq km area in the northern hemisphere. They also what appeared to be remnants of a possible escape pod .Dropping from orbit into atmo and conducting visual scans results in the team discovering what looked to be the aft section of the vessel having come to rest at the end of a gorge where it had created an artificial dam on a river and corresponding lake. The team chose to set down and investigate the pod first.
The pod was found in the bottom of an overgrown gorge and despite a few minor climbing mishaps managed to find the pod in the middle of a fetid pool of water with large what looked to be stinging insects flying from within its open hatch. FA-13 jetted over to the pod and was able to verify through one set of remains it was in fact crewmen of the SaNalaor. The insects posed no risk to FA-13 and the team departed the pod having found a rusted lone blaster pistol.
The team then traveled to the site of what they believed was the aft section of the SaNalaor and managed to find a landing spot. In searching the area Huck discovered a hidden boat that appeared to have been used in the last few weeks. The team chose to split up. Huck maintained watch on the shore, while FA-13 once again took to the sky with his jet-pack and the remaining team members took the boat to the wreck. The wreck itself had water coursing through most levels. They were able to climb aboard with gear. Ooyakk was lowed into the hull but was not able to find anything of note and determined it was unstable and dangerous. It would require far more recovery gear than the team had to thoroughly search the remains here.
After getting back to shore they conferred further. Their examination did determine this aft portion was likely the beginning of the debris field which in all likelihood stretched north up the river. While discussing options an incoming craft was heard and a YT-2400 was seen streaking overhead. They did not seem to slow it was unknown if they had spotted the team. The team had also noted in their scans there was a large possible piece of hull about 2 km north up the river. The decision was made to lift off in the ships, fly low and slow above the river and creep north looking for any further hull sections.
The team did locate the hull section and it appeared to be the bridge. They also found another suitable landing location several hundred yards away with overhear cover to conceal the ships. After completing that they set out on foot for the hull site. While en-route a number of arboreal squid like tree dwellers attacked the group. Bosski was captured and drawn upwards to the tree canopy. A volley of shots from Huck, Tengo, and Stonecrusher wounded or killed most of the tree dwellers and a final ax blow from Bosski sealed the fate of the creatures.
On arriving at the hull the team began a sweep of the area. Huck found remains of a settlement and a number of graves. The age seemed consistent with possible survivors and the first year of their exile, as well as, possibly crew that did not survive the initial crash. There were entry points into the hull located the team began to discuss their options for exploring it. They also had a possible side job in being able to subdue and a capture a Nexu alive for return to the Outfitter on the Wheel.
While speaking the sound of a repulsor was heard approaching. They team took cover and finally what appeared to be an Imperial Recon droid appeared. The team engaged it with fire, however, it is likely it managed to send some sort of burst transmission prior to being destroyed. Time was now running short for team IAI.

Bosski vs Kiash the Destroyer - The Wheel
Bosski vs Kiash the Destroyer – Session 5 Fiction

ABY 0-6-20 Galactic Standard Calendar

Hi fight fans this is Wayland Wrath bringing you the best of the best from around the galaxy. Our fan favorite of the day comes to us from an outer rim fight from the famous “park” on the Wheel. While not normally known for the most exciting fights this location offered up a special treat today. Kiash the Destroyer faced off against new comer Bosski in a no holds bared tug of war match. I’ve personally been a long time Kiash fan as I like my fighters like I like my woman, almost completely shaved. Kiash was sporting his usual mowhawk, and completely shaved other than that. As those of you who have watched Kiash’s glory bouts before he usually faces off against 3 fighters. The tug of war concept is usually used as fighters are all tied to Kiash with around 20 feet of rope to prevent them from running away from him. This all started after a match against 3 Bothan martial artist after the final standing fighter refused to engage Kiash for over two hours after one of his fellow fighters died from receiving the Kiash “destroyer” elbow to the noggin.

Since then Kiash has as established quite a name for himself in this glory bouts. Not always winning out right he has an impressive record considering it only accunts for the 3 man format.
With a record of 5 win 12 losses in this format to face off against a single fighter must have been something he was looking forward to.

Bosski is a little known fighter, but has been feature on our show once before. Many of you remember his famous “oh no you didn’t” look he gave the Mandolorian Mangler after Bosski watched him disemboweled his partner in a two on two bout. While he lost that bout the Mangler had to retire from his injuries that Bosski dished out before the Manglers partner was able to pull him off him.

Bosski’s record going into this match was 8 wins 4 loses. Many of the odds makers thought this would be a short match, and put the odds somewhere between 3 to 1 and 2 to 1 against Bosski.

As all fight fans know though a Wookie versus Trandosian bout has the potential of turning into something magical, and tonight was one of those moments. Lets get to the fight!

As the bell sounded Bosski was the first to react. In a arena filled with weapons along the walls, and tied to one of the largest wookie we know of he didn’t the unthinkable. He charged Kiash? Bosski served up a vicious 2 punch combo followed by a bone crunching right cross that would have felled most fighters. Unfortunately for Bosski, Kiash is not most fighters, and having over extended himself with his opening assault was perfectly lined up for Kiash’s famous “Destroyer” elbow drop. Normally used as a finishing move towards the end of fights Kiash dropped 450 pounds of muscle and hate down atop Bosski’s melon. I can’t recall seeing a harder hit than this. Strangely Bosski was some how still on his feet although everyone could tell it couldn’t last.

As true showman both fighters kept on fighting. Fans could tell Bosski was on the edge of disaster but he just kept throwing vicious body combos into Kiash. Kiash began to grow tired of Bosski still standing after trading punches back and forth. He decided to employ the use of the rope to ensnare him before dropping yet another bone crunching punch to the face. Bosski could barely stand after this punch, and had hunched to his knee to recovery his strength. Kiash than played to the crowd by allowing his opponent a brief moment to recovery before coming over to finish him. Bosski had one punch left to throw though. Rising from his knelling position he delivered children destroying upper cut to the groin of Kiash. Fans around the rim all reached down to check there own nuts for damage after watching the vicious punch. As Kiash reeled back from the blow we could tell that both fighters were now on the edge of their ability to continue.

It was Kiash who acted first though once again utilizing the rope to entangle Bosski before picking him up and delivering him head first into the dirt. Fans all hoped Bosski would rise after this and continue to fight titan against titan, but it was to much to ask.

And that fight fans is why we love a wookie trandosian fight!

Be sure to watch the days top ten hits of the day as it features 3 moments from this fight.

Tengo Ryder Backstory - Betrayal begets betrayal
Lt. Ryder - Suppressor Class Assault Ship "Greugun"
Tengo Ryder Backstory – Betrayal begets Betrayal

End of the Clone Wars…. Galactic Standard Calendar

Tengo walked down the corridor with what appeared to be a casual stride, purposeful but not particularly urgent. He appeared to simply be one of many Imperial officers aboard the Imperial assault ship Conquest. Making his way to some assignment on the mid watch of the vessel. He passed a number of both enlisted, as well as, other officers trading greetings with them. He met up with a Storm-trooper team making its rounds and they saluted which he returned as he passed them. He gave no outward sign at all of being a treasonist about to give away Eyes Only information to declared enemies of the state. On the inside he was nervous, but serving in the Clone Wars had given him enough experience to hide true feelings well enough.
Tengo strode for a good long while, which was to be expected given the enormity of a Suppressor Class Assault Ship. Falling somewhere between the more ubiquitous Avenger Class Star Destroyers and full blown massive command ships, the Suppressor Class served as a Expeditionary Strike Group command ship, part of a task force comprised of the Conquest, half a dozen Avenger class and a dozen or so lesser support vessels. He was making his way to some of the Auxiliary control sections, and since they weren’t under alert, or damaged and in need of them, there were few personnel on the level, particularly on the mid watch.
When Tengo reached the Auxiliary Comms area he reached into his pocket and without losing stride pressed the transmit button on his data pad. A little code that he had used a few times before during the Clone Wars pulsed out and accessed the camera command system on the deck. It forced a security system reboot. It wasn’t unheard of for a system to go down and reboot, and given it was an Auxiliary deck it certainly wouldn’t be any sort of alarm.
Tengo’s comm signaled just as he expected. A voice addressed him “Lt. Ryder this is TK-775, we’ve had a security system reboot in an area I show you just entered, can you advise sir?” Tengo paused and answered back in his best dry sarcastic tone “Well trooper, I don’t see any infiltrators or assassin droids, I think we’re probably shockingly looking at a system glitch” The trooper made a snort and responded, “I know, shocking our superior hardware would spontaneously reboot, hardly ever happens ten times a week.” Tengo answered back, “If I see any Gundarks I’ll yell chief” The trooper chuckled, “Much obliged sir, system should reboot in 15 minutes, we’ll handle the Gundarks after that, TK-775 out”.
Tengo set his watch and began jogging. He reached his destination quickly. It was an auxiliary comm/data broadcast control station, used for transmitting high level encrypted information. It was also in an area where the security system was down and no one would notice it being activated. He quickly began bringing up the system for a burst transmission. This was a betrayal of the first order, a death sentence was a given for this of course, but only after torture to try and glean co-conspirators. A betrayal, yeah, Tengo thought, a betrayal to be sure, the problem was he had made up his mind who was doing the betraying anymore. The Clone Wars ended dramatically with the collapse of Separatist forces, the elimination of its leadership and the betrayal of the Jedi.
In the two years since the end of the Clone Wars, an unconscious doubt had nagged at the back of Tengo’s brain. The end of the war was a little on the overwhelming side, everyone was thrilled and happy, and it had begun to seem to Tengo, that was exactly how it was supposed to have looked. Given the attrition that had been occurring in the war right up to that point, the fortuitous collapse of droid forces due to a cyber weapon seemed suspect. Their leadership all gathering in one place to die fighting and trying to evade capture by Lord Vader was also a fabrication Tengo had come to believe for two reasons, the entire leadership of either side never gathered anywhere, and Lord Vader wasn’t known for taking prisoners. Then the Jedi Order’s alleged treason had really bothered Tengo the most consciously. The need to engage them to the point of extermination was wrong, and Tengo knew it then, and like everyone else, he said nothing. Then 4 months ago he saw a name of a Jedi in a Eyes Only brief in their sector, Jedi Master Cenzo.
Tengo served under Jedi Master Cenzo during the Clone Wars and he was without a doubt the single wisest, most courageous, and honorable being Tengo had ever known. Murderous Republic traitor was simply not possible, and while two years prior Tengo had been part of the deafeningly silent majority he had made his decision. This new Empire was just as evil as the Old Republic was inept and corrupt. Neither was any damn good at all and he was done with all of it. Tengo began planning. Master Cenzo had been spotted, and apparently his Padawan Talia was also seen with him. Tengo had made a surreptitious copy of the intel and came up with a way to funnel the information to Master Cenzo. It had become painfully obvious the early stages of rebellion were in the air and Tengo had read enough intel to know of several places he believed surviving Jedi and Padawan were managing an underground network to locate and hide Force users from the Empire.
Tengo inserted the data disc into the console and fired off a burst transmission to a number of sources he was near certain would result in Master Cenzo learning he was being tracked. Contained in the file was background information of a Emperor’s Hand team that was operating in the sector and likely pursuing him and Talia. The deed was done and it was time for the next part of his plan, which involved him surviving. That’s when the control room door lid open behind him and his blood turned to ice.
“What are you doing?” the voice queried suspiciously. Tengo turned in his chair and he saw the black tunic of a COMPFORCE Observ Ensign. Emperor’s boot lickers as they were affectionately known around the O club. Tengo answered sarcastically “Why I’m committing high treason and transmitting Eyes Only intel to enemies of the state Ensign” Tengo said waving his hand at the comm screen “Look for yourself”
The ensign cocked an eyebrow and looked at Tengo quizically with an expression that gave Tengo the impression the ensign must have thought he was drunk. The COMPFORCE ensign leaned over the screen and his eyes went wide as he glanced at the file, which was precisely what Tengo wanted. He never saw the glow rod smash into his left temple with a kind of meaty thud noise. The ensign sprawled to deck, blood streaming from the side of his head and his eyes rolling.
“You won’t get away traitor..” the ensign gurgled. Tengo got down and looked him straight in the eyes “I already have.” and then he reached out and broke the ensign’s neck with a savage twist.
Tengo got up and opened a service access-way hatch in the room. He knew the route to the nearest lifeboat staging area by heart. This was actually his tenth trip down to the area. The previous nine and had been to familiarize himself with the layout, and to plant about 40 Barradium charges in the area. They were all placed to cause all manner of hell to break out when Tengo triggered them, fire suppression lines, coolant pipes, data trunks, bulkhead supports, etc.
Tengo reached the lifeboat area quickly and with 2 minutes to spare on the system reboot. He triggered his first set of charges which disabled the data trunk in the whole section. Alarms began wailing, but no one would know the escape pod access controls were used, which he did. Once in the pod he triggered the next set of charges, fire suppression and coolant pipes were blown, that would start a good fire with no way to put it out and fuel to keep it burning even without atmo. He blew the third set which destroyed bulkhead supports and caused multiple hull breaches. Tengo powered up the pod’s ejection and launch controls, then disabled its locator beacon. Finally he set off the last set of charges which was a cascading series of them leading towards the life boat staging area, just prior to reaching him he launched and the area turned to a sun.
The fleet was in full alert which was perfect. All ships were deploying and training their sensors to guard from what was surely some kind of attack. Everyone in the fleet was looking out, not in, no one would notice one little escape pod with no locator beacon broadcasting casually gliding away towards the planet below in a cloud of expanding debris from the Conquest. Tengo breathed out slowly, with the exception of one COMPFORCE puke he hadn’t hurt anyone else and no one would miss one lousy LT who would in all likelihood be listed as KIA. Now all he had to do was fabricate a new identity, gear himself up, get out of this system, and strike out across the galaxy to find a way to feed himself. The smile slowly spread across his face….

Deal on the Wheel - Session 5 (Beyond the Rim)
Deal on the Wheel – Session 5

ABY 0-6-20 Galactic Standard Calendar

Session 6: Arrival at The Wheel

“Here it is Rome, as ordered, the rarest of serpentine creatures in all the galaxy,” Huckyl said with glee, standing next to a medium specimen crate covered with a green silk cloth, “the Alamon Black Snape!” With a flourish the tall space weasel whipped off the cloth to unforough the 10 foot snake like creature. It coiled up and hissed violently.
“Oh my, it’s beautiful!” Rome exclaimed, walking over the container to inspect his acquisition.
“It is nothing, you really need to find me more difficult quarry man.”
“Oh Huckyl,” chuckled Rome, “I think you will enjoy your next contract.”
“Aye? Will the pay be better than 1,000 pitiful credits? Sometimes I wonder if you remember that you are purchasing the services of the greatest big game hunter to ever wander the galaxy.”
“Huckyl, I guarantee the next assignment will test not only your hunting skills but also your survival and stealth. The pay will be 5,000 credits.”
“5,000?,” Huckyl exclaimed rubbing his paws together, “What’s the quarry?”
“A ship.”
“Can’t hunt a ship.”, Huckyl stated with all too apparent disappointment.
“No, this is true. But the ship is on Changoo. The Nexu on Changoo will give you the chance to prove yourself. I am sure if you were to bring one back alive you could get even more out of the venture.”
“Ah! I like it! When do I leave?” Huckyl says with a smile.
“Be back here in 3 hours, you are not going alone. And do not mention this to anyone.”
“Oh aye?”
“Yes, consider this a safari of sorts. A highly secretive safari. That is all for now.”
With that, Huckyl bowed and exited off to Bitches and Creds to see his favorite tarts Casey and Pacey.
3 hours later….
Huckyl itched his jock. “Damn crabs, but dang that Pasey…” thought Huckyl as he entered Rome’s office.
“This is Huckyl, he will be joining you on your venture,” Rome exclaimed waving in his direction. He was talking to a large human, an intimidating looking Trandoshan, a conspicuous looking droid, and a Gand with a respirator mask so ubiquitous amongst their race.
“Well Rome, this is the group? A bunch of miscreants to be sure, and you know how I feel about droids.”
“Well,” Rome stated dismissively, “you have 8 hours to get supplies and information. I will send IT-3PO to your ship.”
Huckyl’s mind swam in a sea of doubt, how he hates droids. How can something without a heart be truly sentient? How can something without blood know of honor or courage? In fact he had come to pity them immensely. They would never truly know love, success, failure, or happiness. Maybe a sea of WD-40 would make them happy, but would it just be a reaction of process compared to an actual emotion? He may never understand. These thoughts teemed through his brain for a good long time until he noticed that the conservation was coming to an end.
“I will give you 10% up front. Be at your ship in 8 hours.” Rome was explaining. The human, Tengo, seemed tense. Huckyl inspected Tengo like prey, seeing that he was quick to anger and rather uncouth. He seemed to be quite street smart but rather lacking in true knowledge. But he had an aura about him that obviously served him well. His brooding appearance and manner of speech could help getting more information in a place as unforgiving as The Wheel. The Tandoshan, Boski, seemed a bit more unprepared for the trials of this place. For all his intimidating features his personality was more sensitive than appearances suggested. Only Ooyakk was unreadable behind his mask, and the droid seemed to have not been programmed for much but killing which suited Huckyl just fine.
As they left, the group began to discuss plans for the upcoming operation, not seeming to take much notice of Huckyl. He noticed that Tengo took the lead and divvied up the group. Huckyl and Ooyakk would go gather supplies then head to the cargo bay. Tengo and Boski to a couple cafes to gather intel. FA-13, and another droid stowed on the ship called B-1R would inspect a pod that had information from (name of the ship) which may contain its location then tap into the main frame to gather further intelligence. After all this, the group would convene at Bitches and Creds. They all went their separate ways with little formality. “Who are these people?”, Huckyl thought as he and Ooyakk made their way to get some survival gear.
Huckyl and Ooyakk walked away from the group down a long hallway towards the docking bay. As they traversed through The Wheel, Huckyl attempted small talk with the to this point silent Gand. Seemingly impervious to Huckyl’s gregarious nature, there was not much small talk. In fact, the only speaking came from Huckyl himself. They arrived at (the shop) where (name of owner) was working.
“Good day Huckyl! How are you?” he greeted the Selonian cordially.
“Well. (owner’s name)!” Huckyl stated cheerfully.
“What can I do you for?” asked the shop keep as he oiled a metallic cylinder with polish.
“We are looking for survival supplies” said Ooyakk, taking Huckyl by surprise.
“Yes we are indeed, what you got?” asked Huckyl.
“Whatever you need, you know I can get. In fact, tell me a story of interest and I can offer you 10% off the order” (owner’s name) explained. At this point, Ooyakk stalked off through the wares gathering what he thought the group would need not just for them but the crew of the treasure ship. Huckyl, not one to miss out on such an opportunity to boast, spoke of his travels to Tattoine where once he killed the largest Rancor the planet had to offer. So great was the reward paid him that he “made it rain all over Mos Eisley.” So impressed with the tale, the order was 10% off and the shop keep rounded the remainder down. He also offered up some of his special stock, a beautifully ornate slug thrower which Ooyakk offered to pay for with his company’s mutual funds. “Hm,” though Huckyl, “maybe I have managed an impression afterall!”
Through the comm chatter, it appeared the group had fared well thus far. Particularly FA-13 and B-1R but they would not mention exactly what they had gained over open frequencies. Tengo and Boski had done decently at the Alderan cantina, though Boski had made a little bit of a stir by pouring liquor out of a shandy on the ground near a memorial to loved ones of the survivors. “I knew it” thought Huckyl with a smile. “Such a gentle soul.”
“Now to the cargo bay?” asked Ooyakk.
“Aye friend, let me tell you of the time I slayed every last portuguine on the planet Akgraki.”
Huckyl, becoming used to Ooyakk’s foreboding presence, wove his tale. It did not seem to faze the Gand outwardly. Huckyl could sense that for all his cool demeanor, there raged an inferno in this creature’s soul. He longed to know why; Ooyakk had the air of a hunter about him. Intrigued, Huckyl stashed the new found revelations away in hopes to dig deeper into what made Ooyakk the prickly customer presented to him not long before.
They arrived in the cargo bay after a moderate walk and were greeted by (name of contact). Huckyl knew the man well, he had always been trusted with a small bribe to allow him to bring in the exotic creature’s Rome sent Huckyl to acquire. Never one for small talk he pulled the pair aside.
“I feel you should know, the Ya-Ya clan has been asking about you,” pointing to the Gand, “and the group that arrived in Dock 5.”
“Those damned Rodians, greedy and nosey,” Huckyl said spitting on the ground, “where is there ship and how secure is it? I have an idea.”
“They are docked in the hangar over that way,” stated (name of the contact), “give me half an hour and I’ll show you.”
This was just enough time for the group to reconvene. Tengo and Boski had paid a trivial fee to gain much needed information. Tengo seemed apathetic yet annoyed with the prospect that after only 3-4 hours another company had begun attempts to subterfuge his group’s efforts. His candor notwithstanding, Huckyl felt a genuine care displayed for his compatriots. “This might be a man I could come to trust” he thought. FA-13 and B-1R unveiled that they had come to obtain the entire financial asset list of (corporation’s name). “Perhaps these two droids could prove useful, even if not trustworthy” though Huckyl.
As the dissemination of the gains made slowed, Huckyl informed the group of his plans to circumvent the wills of the Ya-Ya clan. Ever the hunter, he always carried tracking beacons with him. Huckyl proposed to slip one onto their ship to help track their movements. The Gand, Ooyakk, seemed to find the plan agreeable but also wished to perform a ritual that would allow him to also track the ship’s location, and over a greater distance than the beacon. “The sign of a true hunter,” though Huckyl, “to always have a failsafe.”
Tengo was a little less impressed with the plan. How was it, he postulated, that a 6’5” tall space weasel would manage such a feat of stealth. He had noted that a large, muscular Rodian female had been keenly observant of the ship, keeping a close eye and hailing at all who tread near. Huckyl explained that he had some skill in being unnoticed, but understood the human’s trepidations. Huckly presented the idea for a distraction, having Boski and Tengo get into a small fight to draw attention from the grand deception. The plan was agreed, and the majority felt it would be wiser to meet back at the ship following to keep attention from the group.
Huckyl stooped in the shadows near the bay doors to the dock, watching as Boski and Tengo walked nearer the ship through the crowd. He noticed some slight shoving start before Boski swung a blow into Tengo’s chest. He turned to see the Rodian, standing erect near the ships entrance tweaking her nipples as she watched the fight. Huckyl shuttered, what a frightening woman, and crept towards the hull. He spied a location which would not be overly difficult a spot to place the tracker, but also allow him to get in and out quickly. He inched closer, and just as she was about to hoist the tracker up to attach to the ship he turned to ensure the distraction was still working.
“CLUNG!” came a loud crashing sound as Huckyl’s eyes widened. He had greatly underestimated the powerful force of the magnetic hold and the beacon shot out of his hands to hit the ship hull with tremendous force.
“YOU THERE!,” rang a strangely butch voice as the Rodian female spun around drawing her blaster, “What are you doin’?”
Huckyl did not even hesitate, he reached both paws up to his face and began swearing and cursing with the voice of inebriation.
“Who da HELL parks a ship ‘ERE?! I should sue you! All t’ree of you!” he yelled, stumbling around. His ruse seemed to work, as the Rodian female scoffed and ordered him away from the ship before disappearing through the hatch. Huckyl smiled and stumbled away. He figured it best that he continue his ruse to avoid suspicion, sure he would be followed.
The group congregated once more and decided it was time to get to Bitches and Creds. The bar and casino both were abuzz as (wookie’s name) was in town and his challengers had dropped from the fight. Not missing a beat, Boski offered to get in the ring and was whisked away to the pits for preparation before Huckyl could warn him. Huckyl stayed with the rest of the group which included FA-13. He gave them some information on the casino and which games were fixed and which legitimate. While stumbling around showing the group his stomping grounds, he spied the stripper twins Casey and Pasey wandering through the crowd in the club. Once they saw him, however, they emerged to greet the rest of his compatriots.
Boski was not privy to any of this information. Nor the warnings Huckyl wished the opportunity to divulge. The wookie was considered a champion in The Wheel, a large specimen even for his race shaved to the skin with only a Mohawk left. His record did not reflect this, being 5-12. This made the match up look favorable to Boski who was undefeated at 7-1 (though no one is quite sure how). Typically, (the wookie) fought 3 individuals, and the bookies were not giving Boski much of a chance with 3:1 odds.
The gang, minus Boski, was offered a private viewing room from which to watch the fight. This was in part due to the 8,400 credit bet Tengo placed as well as Huckyl’s reputation equally. Huckyl decided it best, in his expertise, to watch the fight from the stands with Casey and Pasey. He had been acting the drunkard this whole time and continued the charade. While boasting about his recent success killing enormous animals, he spoke of the safari to be undertaken to Pelor (lying EXTREMELY well) to find some “damned fairy tale treasure ship.” He also spoke of gaining exact coordinates to the ship from a pod purportedly jettisoned from the freighter before it crash landed.
With the buzz of the crowd reaching a cacophony of shouting and even some drunken brawling, the start of the fight could not have come sooner without hell breaking loose. The announcers introduced both fighters, who were bound together by the wrist at the midpoint of the circular arena. All the innocent charm and soft underbelly perceived by Huckly previously in Boski was now shrouded in an odd rage as he glowered at the wookie. The trandoshan acted first, landing quite an astonishingly powerful punch to the wookie’s head. In kind, (wookie’s name) smashed into the lizard’s collar bone area with a shattering blow. Huckyl flinched, believing that he must have had his arm ripped off. A loud cheer rose from the crowd as he looked back.
The pair had been exchanging minor blows for a couple minutes. Boski seemed to have (the wookie) on the defensive. He was staggering and favoring his left side. The wookie seemed more angry than anything, but was obviously hurting badly as well. As Boski lunged, the wookie took advantage and the trandoshan was thrown to the ground. (The wookie) paced around having untied himself before throwing Boski once more. He paced around raising his arms in the air playing into the crowd’s thirst for blood. Ever the sportsman, he calmly walked to a rack of clubs. He hoisted one up and walked to where Boski lay.
It looked as if Boski was to accept his fate. There was no shame in his fight; he did better than some trios had against (the wookie). But as he knelt there on both knees, staring up at impending demise, there was a sudden spark. With blinding speed Boski drew back and pounded his fist into the wookie with what strength remained. The crowd was silent for a moment as the wookie stumbled back and fell to a knee howling in agony. Boski had punched (the wookie) square in the testicles. The crowd was electrified! They chanted “Boski! Boski! Boski!” The favor was short lived…(the wookie) had recovered, deflected Boski’s last feeble blow and rained down a thunderous TKO double fisted slam.
“DAMNIT” Huckyl exclaimed.
“What is it, love?” Pasey and Casey cooed.
“I lost my last 100 credits there,” he said with a forlorn look.
“Aww, baby, you know you don’t need money with us!” Casey replied.
“I know, beautiful, but I have no time tonight. I must return with my charges to their ship. But I will see you upon my return,” Huckyl said, bowing to the twins and taking his leave. The group met outside the private viewing room. Tengo was outwardly peeved. Ooyakk seemed his normal non-descript self. FA-13 actually appeared to have enjoyed himself much to Huckyl’s surprise. But Boski was not present.
“Well, I suspect we should wait for Boski. It usually takes them about 20 minutes to waken a fighter that has been destroyed in that manner by (the wookie).” Huckyl explained with a smile.
“The hell it does!” came Boski’s voice from a baccarat table. He looked none the worse for wear.
“Impressive!” laughed Huckyl, clasping a hand on Boski’s shoulder, “how are you doing?”
“I’ve already lost the money I earned from the fight, that’s how I am doing!” glowered Boski.
“Most impressive!” Huckyl laughed again, “but I feel we should be moving along, IT-3PO should be at the ship soon.”
The bay was teeming with activity. Droids, humans, aliens of all shapes, sizes, and colors were heading this way or that like so many ants in and out of their burrows. Ooyakk began preparations for the hyperspace jump while B-1R aided.
Huckyl approached Tengo, Boski, and FA-13. “We should check our hull for tracking beacons, aye?”
Lucky for the group that Huckyl suggested they make the sweep. They found one and removed the item with haste.
“Shouldn’t IT-3PO be here?” inquired Tengo, “damned droid is late!”
Tengo stomped off to see what was keeping the droid. The group ran to catch up. As they turned the corner leading to the main walkway, a large room bustling with activity and heavy with sweat, they saw the problem. IT-3PO was being shoved into a grav-cart by a group of Rodians!
As they began to run, most of the group took off in pursuit. Only Huckyl stood, whipping his slug thrower around and taking aim at the grav-cart at the point furthest from the end being pushed forward and at the very top.
“One well-placed shot is all it takes…” thought Huckyl as the trigger squeezed…

Black Sun Business
Bonadan Spaceport SE II
Black Sun Business

ABY 0-6-15 Galactic Standard Calendar

The male Chiss seated at a booth in the main lounge of the Bonadan Spaceport SE II looked no more out of place than the myriad of species that were mingling in the facility. It was an enormous place with a transparisteel dome that showed a sky dotted with freighters, transports, and the odd CSA patrol ship. Thousands of beings were gathered drinking, talking, eating, mingling and otherwise socializing in the stadium sized hall. Various areas had different styles of music playing and there were both droid and sentient waitstaff bustling from table to booth. The spaceport itself was one of the single busiest in the Corporate Sector and it was advertised as handling about 9% of the total GDP of CSA space annually. It was an urban techno commerce hub which rivaled galactic core worlds in its hustle and bustle. It was also on the Outer Rim, not technically in Imperial Space, and perfect for beings to meet over jobs best discussed discreetly.
The Chiss customer looked right at home and completely blended with the crowd. He had just finished a spiced Bantha steak and washed it down with a goblet of Glenvast vintage spice wine. For a spaceport lounge meal on the rim it was actually pretty good the Chiss thought. He ordered a second glass of spice wine and glanced at his data pad on the table in front of him. Two minutes until his contacts arrived. The waitstaff delivered his glass of wine in about one minute from the time he input the order at the automenu, which also impressed him, good service. He took a sip and looked across the floor towards the main entrance foyer about 200m away. He spotted his two contacts as they entered.
They did an excellent job of entry and moved into the lounge. They looked like businessmen from out system and moved as though they were assessing the venues within. They didn’t give any obvious appearance of being a pair of Black Sun operators as they casually criss-crossed the floor towards him. They smiled at staff and exchanged greetings with various friendly inebriated patrons and did a fantastic job of presenting themselves as jovial salesmen. He picked them out in about 3 seconds.
They stopped at his table and their smiles vanished, the two seated themselves, a Bothan and human, the human slid a data disc across the table to the Chiss. He took the disc and inserted it into his pad. While the information scrolled and booted up the Chiss ordered 3 more glasses of the spice wine. He glanced at the information displayed. There was a grainy surveillance still of a bearded, dour looking human male in combat gear in some industrial facility. There had clearly been some kind of firefight around him based on the footage and in the background of the shot the Chiss could see several subjects down. There was a police ID scan and contact report with personal information. It was forged and very well done. There were some manifests of various weapons and supplies and a number of dossiers on other subjects. The human spoke. “We would like him brought in alive with any associates” The Chiss looked at the human and responded flatly “That could be arranged, the price will be triple though” The human sucked in his breath and gritted his teeth “That’s a highly presumptive thing to demand of my employer.” The Chiss paused and folded his hands before responding.
“These ID papers are clearly false, and absolute masterpieces, the kind of thing I’d expect from Imperial Intel or the Emperor’s Hands. If he made them he is an artist, if he bought them, he has enormous resources and contacts. The security still clearly shows he has considerable combat skill. Finally, if the Black Sun Vigo of Coruscant doesn’t feel his own resources are up to the challenge and he’s come to me, that points to a whole different level of threat. The price is triple.” He responded calmly.
The human paused, glanced at the Bothan and spoke. “Done. Triple.”
Staff delivered three glasses of spice wine to the table and walked away. The Chiss waited for them to turn away and spoke to the pair of Black Sun operators, “A drink then, to your health gentlemen and the prosperity of the Black Sun”. The Chiss subtly waved his right hand and two of the glasses slid untouched towards the others across the table.

The Chamax Plague - Session 4
The Chamax Plague

ABY 0-5-20 Galactic Standard Calendar

After leaving Tatooine from leave, Ooyakk had arranged a brief bounty operation two weeks into wildspace for InStarSpec…..

After two weeks of travel IA arrives in the remote system.

After returning from the successful rescue and recovery operation to the wayward InStarSpec ship on route to the sun. IA inc agents returned to InStarSpecs headquarters to discuss their findings. InStarSpec CEO Sevor Hallin was very happy with the results of the mission. While we were unable to save the ship or find the answers from the recovered pilot Matthew James we did recover the ships datalog.

Unfortunately waiting for answers from mentally disturbed Matthew or data core was not an option. The research group that had headed to the planet had still not responded to communication request. At this point Sevor Hallin decided to once again redirect IA inc agents to deal with more pressing matters than their original bounty mission.

Through shrewed negotiating by Tengo Ryder we were able to secure an agreement of a large sum of credits for the potential risky mission along with a per person bonus for their recovery. To assist with the additional challenges this mission posed InStarSpec decide to send along a 4 employees with different areas of expertise for the mission.

Brooke Hammerstien was to oversee InStarSpec interest on the mission and keep Sevor appraised of the situation. Dr Kel Wurring was joining as as a Xeno specialist and doctor. Cal Totisk joined a chief security officer to protect the other employees. Lotin Delaradi joined the mission as a potential pilot for the missing InStarSpec freighter. Lotin was overly anxious to join the mission as his wife was part of the missing group of scientist on the planet.

After introductions were handled, and mission objectives established. IA inc agents acquired some new equipment that was available on the colony before heading toward the planet of Chamax. The information provide to us appeared correct and we found Charmax to be a planet that appeared completed void of life. Polar ice caps along with a small desert continent were the only areas we could land on this oceanic planet. The coordinates of the science team appeared accurate though, and Ooyakk was able to land our ship only a few 100 meters away to take a closer look.

Very quickly it was apparent the site was devoid of the employees we were sent to find. As the team approached the ship it also became apparent that ship had sustained a large amount of damage to its hull. A full circuit of the ship by Jihm showed the damage was from all directions.

FA-13 took point and we enter the lower floor of the freighter. Immediately upon entry we came across what appeared to be a large furry ball. Taking no chances FA-13 does what he does best and opens fire immediately on the seemingly harmless ball. After slaying the furry ball we involve Dr Kel to see what he can tell us about what this might be. Dr Kel is complete stumped and has no ideas whether this is an indigenous life form or a plant or and artifact found in the near by ruins.

What it might be though is quickly answered as the team begins sensing moving coming down the hallways of the ship. Strange alien life forms at first moving slowly begin pouring forth at the team. The IA agent’s best shooters open up with precision blaster fire they are know for quickly decimating the creatures. Bosski with his usually level of ferocity charges a group and quickly learns that this creatures are formidable melee combatants. There sluggish behavior goes away as they gain proximity to their targets. After being bit or grasped by the creatures they commence puking forth acid onto their targets. While initially not that damaging this acid becomes more and more dangerous as the attack continues. Cal Totisk heroics quickly cost him his life as decide to face more of the bugs than he could handle. Luckily through great team work IA agents were able to whittle down the initial assault after losing Cal. Checking on their wounds they realize that facing another wave of these creatures might not be good for their long term health. At that point another larger group of “bugs” begins heading for the party. Tango wisely calls the team to fallback out of the ship rather than engage the swarm head on. As the team falls back to the ships the team splits up between the freighter, the fighter, and a ground craft. As the “bug” pour forth from the ship it becomes apparent where the hull damage came from on the ships as the life forms use their powerful acid to simply eat through the hull when it gets in there way. The team now clear of the killing confines of the ship are able to make quick work of the enemy as in the open field they aren’t fast enough to keep up with a speeder, and the starship’s guns have no problem killing them wholesale.

Landing after the slaughter the group discussed possible paths forward. Tengo urged leaving as there still could be more bugs on board the ship and report back to InStarSpec. The group decided to push on towards the cockpit though in hopes of finding more answers about whether there might be any survivors. Things appeared all quiet on the ship and the team was able to make it to the second level without incident. As the team neared the bridge of the ship though they were frightened to run into the source of the infestation. A massive “queen” of the bugs was on this level birthing more furry eggs that must become the bugs we had been previously fighting. Before we could take action to end the queen though her personal retinue of awoke to engage us. Much tougher and vicious in melee this group proved to be a much more significant threat the earlier drones. The team fell back to a defensive position in the doorways of a near by hall and proceed to poor fire and grenades into the 6 hunters who came for us. In the interest of protecting the remaining InStarSpec employees Ooyakk ushered Dr Kel, Lotin, and Brook to the rear of the ship. Things got very messy as the bugs came down the cramped hallway. Tengo, FA-13 and Jihm were all able to score kills from range, but once the bugs closed in they quickly put Tengo and Jihm down in Melee. Bossiki fared better thanks to his pit fighting days, but the team only narrowly avoided being over run. Finally after some sustained combat and stim use the team was able to finish the hunters. Unfortunately during the melee two hunters had flanked around and had dispatched Dr Kel and Brooke. Lotin managed to escape by leaving them to their fates. We dispatched the remaining two hunters and found no remains of the two employees. We then returned to face the queen luckily to find that simply shooting her full of holes was enough to end her reign. Luckily the trip to the bridge was fruitful and we were able to locate the ship’s skiff that was missing. It was somewhere in the northern extreme of the desert continent. Lotin agreed to pilot the recovered ship, and we headed to the location of the missing skiff. At the point we found a few survivors of the science team, included Lotin’s wife Dr Beverly Delaradi. Realizing the recovered ship wasn’t space worthy we packed everyone into the IA ship, and dropped off the InStarSpec ship at the southern pole before returning to the colony.

Upon our return Sevor Hallin once again met us at the stardock. We reported on the results of the mission and were very handsomely rewarded for the results. While saddened about the loss of some of his employees the result of partially recovering the ship along with the archaeological relic had him pleased.

We received our pay and then tried to deal with the original resource we had come to the colony. The location and capture of two missing fugitives. Sadly their trail was cold after all the time we had spent on other duties, and we were unable to locate them.

The Capture of Vish Stin 1-4-29
Tengo Ryder - Bounty

ABY 0-4-29 Galactic Standard Calendar

Tengo took a deep breath and exhaled hard burning off some adrenaline. He did a quick peek around the corner of the alley and was greeted by a blaster shot that hit near his face. Jerking back quickly he heard a snicker next to him. He looked at Vish Stin on his knees next to him wearing binders.

Vish snickered with his head bowed and long green hair spilling around his face “too bad bounty hunter, no credits today I think my friends and I will be drinking to your lack of health later” he spit out at Tengo glancing up at him.

Tengo looked down, and then flipped his DL-44 around in his hand and swung it hard into Vish’s mouth and front teeth. There was a gut wrenching snap and cracking sound, Vish’s head snapped back and when he brought his stunned face back into Tengo’s line of sight, Tengo could see the broken stumps of Vish’s front teeth and the bluish blood running out of his mouth mixed with saliva. Vish screeched and wailed “you broke my teeth!”

Tengo replied while glancing around the corner again, “Well Blastech does make a hefty piece of firearm that’s a fact.” He then turned back and looked at Vish and this time wasn’t quite as sarcastic when he told him “Bargos said he wanted you alive, he didn’t say anything about legs that weren’t broken or eyes still in your head, so you might wanna shut that bleedin hole under your nose”. Tengo glared as Vish’s eyes widened, he shut up.

Tengo snapped off a couple shots at a pair of Shadow Order operatives down the alley and they dove for cover. Bargos also hadn’t mentioned that this alleged low level pudoo Vish, who Bargos said was just a numbers runner and general underworld mule had buddies in the Shadow Order. Tengo had knocked Vish silly easy enough in the cantina and slapped binders on him. He didn’t expect 3 Shadow Order goons to jump up to his aid. There was a minor exchange of blaster fire, 2 dead operatives and a third that made the mistake of bumping into a wookie with an eye patch and spilling his drink which earned him a speeder free ride across the bar, and then Tengo was out the back dragging Vish along the way.

They had been running and gunning since the cantina in the alleys and warrens of Mos Eisley. Just when Tengo thought he had lost them a group would pick them up again. He didn’t know the Shadow Order had this level of presence on Tatooine, but the baked desert world always seemed to serve up surprises about just who was here, and what they were doing. Great place to lie low since there was no reason to come here except to sweat a lot and get a sun burn.

Tengo grabbed Vish by the hair and began dragging him further up the alley wondering to himself where the damn Stormtroopers in this town were, no law and order at all, shameful. He ducked down a narrow side alley pushing Vish in front of him, and when they came to an opening to a street access exit, two more Shadow Order thugs blocked it. They were a pair Zygerrians and both had blaster pistols leveled at them. Tengo kept Vish between them. One hissed at Tengo “Just hand over the mark fella and you can walk away”

Tengo’s right hand flashed and he had his DL-44 out, the first shot caught the talker in the face, the second shot blew most of the second one’s gun hand off. He dropped wailing and clutching at his charred stump with his good hand. Tengo pushed Vish past him and to the right up the street. The thoroughfare was busier with locals and off worlders moving to and fro. Tengo was trying to get to the far side of town where Bargos had an actual footprint and resources. They were making good time when a flurry of blaster shots from a roof across the street made Tengo shove Vish down and dive for cover.

There were probably at least 3 snipers on the roof peppering them with shots. The speeder they were behind was getting picked apart. Beings were scrambling for cover, a few were even shooting at the snipers. Tengo then saw about 3 fire teams of Shadow Order goons making their way towards them. They were armed with rifles. Their position was not good and Tengo was looking for a way out when he heard the whine of heavy duty repulsors. Over the roof of the building behind him he saw a pair of cargo lifters slowly come into view and when he looked closer he could see both had auto blasters in a ball turret under the driver’s cab. This was not good Tengo thought for half second, until both turrets spun up to life and began spitting out a stream of blaster shots each away from them.

One stitched a trail of fire across the roof across the street and between the eruption of explosions and fire Tengo saw the snipers go down. The second was raking the street with fire where the goons on the ground had been advancing. Tengo saw them running for cover with no where to really go as a hail of blaster shots rained down. He saw a side load door open on one lifter and spotted one of Bargos’ Gamorrean goons hang out with a grenade launcher and start pumping frags into the opposition on the ground. It ended pretty quick and badly for the Shadow Order thugs.

The first lifter landed and the load door slid open. Bargos was inside and he was booming Hutt laughs. The translator droid spoke and explained to Tengo, “My lord Bargos thanks you for your hard work.” Tengo held up the hole in his overcoat one of the Shadow Order goons had installed with a blaster. “Tell Bargos he neglected to mention the Shadow guys and he owes me a new coat along with my money.” Tengo drawled.

Bargos boomed and laughed again and the droid said “My lord Bargos will gladly give you a bonus and he begs your forgiveness as he was unaware Vish had managed to contact the Shadow Order. He will also happily provide you with a grand new garment to replace your wardrobe” Bargos laughed more as he turned to Vish in the hold of the lifter who was on his knees whimpering and pleading with Bargos by that point. Tengo plopped down in one of the passenger seats along the lifter wall as the door closed and they lifted off. Damn Hutt worm, he really wanted off Tatooine and away from this damn Hutt.


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