Jihm Stonecrusher

Klatooinian Bounty Hunter (Bounty Hunter - Gadgeteer/Assassin)


Career:Bounty Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Height: 6’03"
Build: Muscular
Hair: -
Eyes: Green
Notable Features:

Soak Value Wound Threshold Strain Threshold Defense Ranged Defense Melee
5 14 12 0 0
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
General Skills Dice Pool
Astrogation (Int)
Athletics (Br)
Charm (Pr)
Coercion (Will)
Computers (Int)
Cool (Pr)
Coordination (Ag)
Deception (Cun)
Discipline (Will)
Leadership (Pr)
Mechanics (Int)
Medicine (Int)
Negotiation (Pr)
Perception (Cun)
Piloting – Planetary (Ag)
Piloting – Space (Ag)
Resilience (Br)
Skulduggery (Cun)
Stealth (Ag)
Streetwise (Cun)
Survival (Cun)
Vigilance (Will)
Combat Skills Dice Pool
Brawl (Br)
Gunnery (Ag)
Melee (Br)
Ranged – Light (Ag)
Ranged – Heavy (Ag)
Knowledge Skills Dice Pool
Core Worlds (Int)
Education (Int)
Lore (Int)
Outer Rim (Int)
Underworld (Int)
Xenology (Int)
Toughened (Gadgeteer – 5pt) + 2 Wound Threshold
Jury Rigged (Gadgeteer -10) Chose 1 weapon, armor or item and add MOD
Armor Master (Gadgeteer-15) Wearing armor-Increase soak by 1
Tinkerer- Rank 1 (Gadgeteer-20) May add 1 additional hard point to a number of items equal to Ranks.
Deadly Accuracy – Rank 1 (Gadgeteer-20) (Ranged Heavy) May add basic training ranks in RANGED HEAVY ( + 2)
as additional damage to one hit of a successful attack.
Dedication (Gadgeteer -25) Presence + 1
Dodge – Rank -1 (Assassin – 5) (Incidental – Out of turn) Can spend strain in dodge ranks
to upgrade attack made against character by number of strain spent.
Motivation Type Description
Ambition Greed A true mercenary
Obligation Magnitude Complication
Betrayal 10 Pyke Crime Syndicate-Not returning their stolen spice.
Experience Earned Experience Available
170 20

Equipment Currently Jury Rigged- Blaster Rifle
Heavy Blaster Pistol (D: 7, R:Medium, C: 3, Stun) 3

Blaster Rifle (D: 9, R:Long., MOD:C: 2,
Attachment: Fore grip: Engaged DIFFICULTY penalty reduced by 1 die),
Stun) 4

4 X Frag Grenade (D: 8, R:Short, C: 4, Grenade) 1
Comlink 0
Utility Belt +1ET
Backpack +4ET
Stimpaks X5 1
Binders 0
Padded Armor (2 Soak/3 with armor master) Worn-0

Encumbrance Threshold 7+5=12
Encumbrance Carried 9


A Bounty Hunter…to capture or kill fugitives for monetary reward.

Stonecrusher saw the planet appear on the bridge viewscreen of the Scarlet Defender. He knew it would be there before it appeared on the sensors. He paid for the information to track down a fugitive named Thul. Thul was a lucrative contract and a somewhat elusive mercenary. Stonecrusher had spent the better part of a decade working as a soldier and a mercenary. The Hutts had made him an offer to track down Thul and kill the traitor. Stonecrusher realized there was money to be made in this kind of offer. His skill set made the choice of work natural.

Stonecrusher approached the uncharted planet in the Outer Rim. He thought back to his beginning as a Bounty Hunter…it was much easier and less expensive…He conducted a scan of the planet. It had no name, only a set of coordiantes in the navcomm that did not correspond to any planet on any chart. He allowed the navcomputer to assign a random designation to the planet.

Stonecrusher had paid a good sum of credits for the coordinates and information on Thul. Thul was wanted by no less than two Galactic criminal organizations, including the Hutts. The bounty on Thul was “Wanted Dead or Alive”. Payment would be the same in either case and Stonecrusher thought Dead was best. There is less chance for escape and no witless banter on the trip back from the Outer Rim.

He ran his fingers over the sensor console and picked up numerous humanoid life signs on the planet below. He thought to himself “I knew it could not be this easy.” He would have to do some recon to find Thul. He was already 300 credits into the bounty and his time would not be wasted.

He realized he was leaning forward in the command chair, anticipating the hunt to come. He sat back, relaxing and gently calmed his excitement. He reached for the controls of the Scarlet Defender and left orbit, heading towards the planets Surface. “Thul is here”, he thought. It was not a mystical or magical Jedi type sense, but a sixth sense born from his experience as a Bounty Hunter.

Approaching the surface he noted several landing stations, but no organized governmental authority. He thought that was good and softly spoke to himself "This planet will likely be an uncharted nest of Pirates, Thugs and Criminals. A perfect place for Thul hide.

Stonecrusher spent several weeks tracking Thul. He was close to coming to grip with his acquisition. He was closer than he knew, maybe too close. Stonecrusher approached a small trader town near a mine, designated Sector Alpha Two Zero. He moved in slowly along the northern ridge He figured he had one chance at Thul. He hoped it was without an exchange of blaster fire. He smirked at the thought of the upcoming confrontation. He had used due diligence and had first observed Thul a week prior. He watched to see if Thul was marked by any other Bounty Hunters.

Stonecrusher was disappointed and pleased by what transpired next. Three Trandosians had come onto the scene a few days prior and were tracking Thul to the mine. It appeared Stonecrusher was not the only Hunter bent on this acquisition. Stonecrusher watched as the Trandosians tried to claim their mark. The battle had been furious and the Trandosians were surprised when they tried to kill Thul and the very cover they used exploded around them. The battle left the Trandosians dead or dying on the ground. Thul approached them and methodically placed his blaster pistol to each of their temples in succession pulling the trigger and killing them without remorse.

Stonecrusher cursed the Trandosians. He wondered if Thul would take flight and his recon would be for nothing. Stonecrsher remained and watched Thul, tracking his movements and activity. Thul was cocky and arrogant. He was dangerous yet appeared to have a relaxed aura about him in the two weeks since the confrontation with the Trandosians. It appeared he decided to stay.

Stonecrusher realized Thul would not be an easy mark in a face to face confrontation. Stonecrusher parked his 74-Z speeder bike in a canyon near Alpha Two Zero. He hid the bike and prepared. He approached on foot along a ridge to the north of the mining trade post. The view from the ridge afforded Stonecrusher a hide with a view covering almost every structure that opened onto the main road going through town. The lines of sight were good and afforded him excellent medium to long range opportunity.

Three days passed as Stonecrusher watched the comings and goings of all the occupants in the small Mining town. He had tracked Thul to Sector Aplha Two Zero and time was running out. He scanned the town using his electrobinoculars The encoded chip identified the towns occupants based on target designators Stoncrusher had assigned.

As afternoon pushed towards evening the electrobinoculars made a low hiss signifying a new signature, Thul’s ident code. Stonecrusher had located his target. He thumbed the range finder and noted 300 meters. His movements were slow and deliberate. He acquired his mark in the night vision scope of his E-11 Sniper Rifle. He realized the shot would not be easy. He checked the rifle’s ammunition and prepared his sidearms in the event he had need to confront Thul personally. He knew he had only second to take the shot. The crosshairs found Thul seemingly unprepared, standing outside the Cantina. Stonecrusher placed his finger on the trigger of the E-11 Sniper Rifle. He thought briefly about possible follow on shots or potential multiple new targets unknown to him at the time. He checked the wind and measured the distance to his target.

The ideal shot was partially blocked by a metal post that was part of the Cantina’s patio construction. Almost as if on cue, Thul cleared the shot for Stonecrusher, moving forward and exposing himself inside the scope. Stonecrusher took a deep breath, exhaled half and applied steady rearward pressure on the trigger. The trigger travelled rearward towards its crisp break point. The crosshairs rested neatly on Thul’s throat and upper chest, in the crease of open flesh between his body armor and helmet.

Thul was enjoying a smoke in the early evening air outside the Cantina. He was a medium sized male, Head to toe in armor. he carried a heavy blaster pistol slung low on his right side. He had a swagger that seemed to mock the very crosshairs placed upon his neck. Stonecrusher thought a second as he increased the pressure on the trigger, “this is a good death”. The trigger broke with a crisp clack of steel and the crisp crack sending a red bolt screaming towards his designated target.

A fraction of a second was all Thul had to react, using his years of experience. His heavy blaster cleared its holster in his right hand. He heard the snap of the blaster bolt, the hiss as it screamed, burning the very air between him and the barrel of the E-11. Thul realized too late that the snap and hiss were directed at him.

The bolt took Thul in the chest just below his neck. It knocked him back and down. He hit the ground, blaster pistol in hand. As he lay there, bleeding from a vicious critical wound in his chest, Stonecrusher watched for reaction in the town. There was a clamour, then silence, along with the realization that yet another off-worlder had succomed to a deadly confrontation. In the end, all seemed right at Aplha Two Zero. Another day and not a soul thought twice about the scene played out at the town cantina.

Stonecrusher loaded his acquisition into the Scarlet Defender. He made for high orbit, setting coordiantes for Hutt Space in the navcomm. He sent a brief message about his success on an encrypted commset. He thought 15,000 credits is a good months pay. He thumbed the button on the hyper drive thinking “It’s all in the trigger squeeze” and jumped to light speed, Blurring the lines to his destination.

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Jihm Stonecrusher

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