Huckyl B. Finn

A Selonian big game Hunter who is master of the tall tale. Brown Fur with white stripe.


Specialization:Big-Game Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5’05"
Build: Fit
Hair: -
Brown/White stripe
Eyes: Brown
Notable Features: See in near darkness. Remove a BLACK DIE from checks related to darkness. Tail: Brawl Attack: (Dam: +1, C: 5, Engaged, Disorient 2, Knockdown 1)

Soak Value Wound Threshold Strain Threshold Defense Ranged Defense Melee
3 13 13 1 1
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
General Skills Dice Pool
Astrogation (Int)
Athletics (Br)
Charm (Pr)
Coercion (Will)
Computers (Int)
Cool (Pr)
Coordination (Ag)
Deception (Cun)
Discipline (Will)
Leadership (Pr)
Mechanics (Int)
Medicine (Int)
Negotiation (Pr)
Perception (Cun)
Piloting – Planetary (Ag)
Piloting – Space (Ag)
Resilience (Br)
Skulduggery (Cun)
Stealth (Ag)
Streetwise (Cun)
Survival (Cun)
Vigilance (Will)
Combat Skills Dice Pool
Brawl (Br)
Gunnery (Ag)
Melee (Br)
Ranged – Light (Ag)
Ranged – Heavy (Ag)
Knowledge Skills Dice Pool
Core Worlds (Int)
Education (Int)
Lore (Int)
Outer Rim (Int)
Underworld (Int)
Xenology (Int)
Stalker-Rank 1 (Big-Game Hunter 5pt Add BLUE ADVANTAGE DIE Per rank for all Stealth and
Coordination checks.
Confidence [Rank 1] (Big Game Hunter 10 pt) Reduce the difficulty of any discipline check to avoid
fear by one level per rank. If difficulty reduced to zero no check made.
Motivation Type Description
Ambition Fame Wants to be famous for killing giant ferocious beasts.
Obligation Magnitude Complication
Obsession 10 Obsessed with killing large creatures.
Debt 10 Owes a large amount of credits to Roem-Isoteck
Experience Earned Experience Available
95 (Started at 30 XP) 0

Czerka Arms Model 38 Sharpshooter Rifle (D:8, C: 3, R: Extreme, HP:4, Accurate 2 (Blue Die), Pierce 3 (Minus soak)) Slugthrower. 5
Blast Pistol (D:6, C:3, R: Med, Stun) 3
Backpack +4ET
Pistol Belt +1ET
Armored Clothing (1/1) 0-Worn
Stun Grenade X2 1
Comlink 0
5 stimpak 1
Electronics Binoculars 1 See 10 Kilometers low light/long range
Hunter Goggles 0 (BLUE DIE Perception) (Remove TWO BLACK DIE concealment, darkness, fog, or mist using Light or Heavy Ranged.

Encumbrance Threshold 7+5=12
Encumbrance Carried *10


Huckyl B. Finn

It is rare for a Selonian to venture off planet. Even rarer is the Selonian who lies as a second nature. Not lies of malice, but lies of glory. Huckyl has begun making a name for himself in the outer rim as one of the best big game hunters to wander through the stars. Most of what Huckyl says is true, and usually the subject matter is accurate. It is the chest pounding bravado which is suspect. He enjoys stretching the truth about his conquests on the hunting trails. If he kills a rancor, wampa, nexus, or otherwise there is always an inflation of size to promote his own importance. He is without doubt quite skilled, having found multiple credit streams in the outer rims as a trophy hunter or wild animal collector. Yet he always wants more. He aspires for fame, woman, credits, and for a legacy most Selonians can only dream about on their home world.
He grew up in Selonian culture. Born to a middle class family he took to the wilderness at every chance. He loved nothing more than to wander the subterranean labyrinth of tunnels that snaked around the planet playing the part of the hunter. He received his first weapon at the young age of 12 and promptly stalked and bagged a fledgling aprunyte, a rare and fragile bird of paradise on Selonia known for their agility and difficulty when hunting. Their key feature, and their prize for hunters, was a brilliant plumage that jutted from head to tail with each different color present denoting an extra year a life, and thus an added layer of difficulty to hunt. After Huckyl bagged his trophy, he hid the remains deep in the roots of a tree and returned to his village.
He boasted to everyone who would lend ear on how he had stalked and killed an aprunyte. He said the bird had more colors than the sky has stars. Being such a tender young age, many were impressed and he was hailed as a future “Xanti” or “greatest hunter.” Word of this xanti soon reached the ranks of Selonia’s military generals who decided such talent could not be wasted. They sent an envoy to corroborate the rumors.
When the envoy arrived, he requested to see the aprunyte that Huckyl had slain. The young lad stated that he would have to go get it for it was deep in the forest. The envoy agreed to wait until he returned with the carcass and Huckyl was off. He struggled through the forest, praying that he would find a bird like he had boasted about. For two days he looked, and the village grew worried.
Huckyl’s father knew his son’s favorite tree and knew where he stashed his treasures. On the chance Huckyl was injured, he would have gone there. He took the envoy into the forest and found the aprunyte. It was immediately apparent Huckyl had lied. The envoy was furious, and so was his father. Lies are not unpunished on Selonia, being as heinous as murder. Huckyl, defeated in his search, returned to a brooding father who asked where he had been. Huckyl explained that he went to the tree and did not find the carcass, so had gone off to look for another so as not to look a fool.
The envoy, having heard this, clambered out from behind a window dressing with the bag and shoved it into Huckyl’s hands. The young Selonian denied that the bird shown him was the quarry he had collected. The bird, however, had been slain by a metal slug from his gun and a simple diagnostic check demonstrated the truth.
Huckyl lied once more, stating that someone must have stolen his bird and replaced it with this impostor. But it was too late. The envoy took the boy into Selonia Prime, the capital, and he was sentenced to exile unless he admitted the truth. Again, through sobbing tears, he talked of the grandeur of his own kill trying not to let the truth tarnish the fame he had just known. He was banished from Selonia for life, decreed never to return. He has since wandered the galaxy, surviving off his own wit and skill as a survivalist and learning with each day. In his heart, he yearns to regain the fame he had tasted if but for a moment on Selonia. It is this that is his motivation, his obligation, his all-consuming purpose, and he will again have his day.

Session 5, 6

Huckyl B. Finn

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