Trandoshan Gladiator Prize-Fighter (Hired Gun - Marauder)


Species: Trandoshan
Career: Hired Gun
Specialization: Marauder, Doctor
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6’03"
Build: Muscular
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Green
Notable Features: Trandoshans can regrow lost limbs. Brawl checks deal +1 damage and has a critical rating of 3

Soak Value Wound Threshold Strain Threshold Defense Ranged Defense Melee
5/6 17 12 1 1
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
General Skills Dice Pool
Astrogation (Int)
Athletics (Br)
Charm (Pr)
Coercion (Will)
Computers (Int)
Cool (Pr)
Coordination (Ag)
Deception (Cun)
Discipline (Will)
Leadership (Pr)
Mechanics (Int)
Medicine (Int)
Negotiation (Pr)
Perception (Cun)
Piloting – Planetary (Ag)
Piloting – Space (Ag)
Resilience (Br)
Skulduggery (Cun)
Stealth (Ag)
Streetwise (Cun)
Survival (Cun)
Vigilance (Will)
Combat Skills Dice Pool
Brawl (Br)
Gunnery (Ag)
Melee (Br)
Ranged – Light (Ag)
Ranged – Heavy (Ag)
Knowledge Skills Dice Pool
Core Worlds (Int)
Education (Int)
Lore (Int)
Outer Rim (Int)
Underworld (Int)
Xenology (Int)
Toughened (Marauder- 5pt) +2 Wound Threshold
Frenzied Attack (Marauder- 5pt) Suffer 1 strain to UPGRADE Melee/Brawl Attack
Lethal Blows (Marauder- 5pt) +10 to Critical Roll
Resolve [Rank 2] (Doctor – 5pt, 10pt) -2 strain when taking involuntary strain loss (min 1)
Surgeon [Rank 2] (Doctor – 5pt, 10pt) + 2 wounds recovered when healing people.
Grit [Rank 1] (Doctor – 5pt) Increase strain threshold by one per rank
Motivation Type Description
Ambition Expertise Wants to be greatest Trandosian Prize Fighter Alive
Obligation Magnitude Complication
Bounty 10 Bounty posted by Teemo The Hutt
Experience Earned Experience Available
165 45

SoroSuub BD-1 Vibro Axe (D: + 3, C:2, Weight head, Pierce 2, Vicious 3, Sunder) 4
Vibro Knife (D: + 1, C:2, Pierce 2, Vicious 1) 1
Armored Clothing (1/1) Worn-0
Comlink 0
Utility Belt +1EH
Backpack +4ET
4 Stim Packs 1
5 Ration Packs 1
Glow rod 1
Binders 0

Encumbrance Threshold 11+5=16
Encumbrance Carried 8


Bosski was a prize fighter on his home world of Trandosian who was seeking to refine his craft. He was lured to fight for a powerful Hutt (Teemo the Hutt) in the belief this particular Hutt possessed the best fighters in the region. Things quickly went wrong when in his first match he killed the Hutt’s best fighter during an exhibition bout. Sentence to death by the Hutt for the damage to his property he was able to escape off world by promising to pay hush money to the Hutts executioner. Now Bosski has to come up with 500 credits every month to send to the executioner or he will send forth the Hutts resource to capture him. The executioner being discovered was slain for his disloyalty. Teemo put a bounty on the capture of Bosski to put him in his Glad pits.

Bosski also is addicted to fighting in the glad pits, and any manner of gambling.

Professional Fight Record – 7-2

Popularity – Increasing. Especially in the Core.

Noteworthy Fights
Tralon Tar (Teemo the Hutts professional Fighter) – Victory (Tralon accidentally died.)

Kiash the Destroyer – Loss.
Kiash is a Outer Rim favorite, normally fighting 2-3 opponents at a time or a large beast. Kiash is an albino Wookie shaved bald exept for his white mohawk. A close fought bout that ended in minute five with a K.O. Kiash stands 8"00" and weighs in at 450 lbs.

Session 1, 2, 4, 5,6


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