Bargos the Hutt

This pale green Hutt has stripes of grey across its skin, and wears colorful, finely woven tassels on its arms. The left half of its face is a mass of gnarled scar tissue.


Bargos the Hutt is a middling crime lord on the Outer Rim. A rather odd-looking hutt, Bargos is long and lithe (relatively speaking) and exceptionally slimy.

In his youth, Bargos was nearly slain by an assassin armed with a disruptor pistol. As a result his left eye and much of the left side of his face have been badly maimed. twisted into a lumpy mass of gastropod scar tissue. Recently, he won a game of sabacc and earned an oridium mining operation located on Gavos, a small planet just coreward of Hutt Space.

Imminent Apprehension Incorporated surveyed one of Bargos’ mining operations on Gavos and eliminated a droid revolution that had disrupted the mining operation. The party was well rewarded.

Bargos hired Tengo Ryder Ryder for a small job recently which went well. See (Adventure Log) – THE CAPTURE OF VISH STIN.

Bargos considers Imminent Apprehension Inc. a great asset……..this is debatably a good thing.

Bargos currently resides in Mos Isley.


Bargos the Hutt

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