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The Chamax Plague - Session 4


The Chamax Plague

ABY 0-5-20 Galactic Standard Calendar

After leaving Tatooine from leave, Ooyakk had arranged a brief bounty operation two weeks into wildspace for InStarSpec…..

After two weeks of travel IA arrives in the remote system.

After returning from the successful rescue and recovery operation to the wayward InStarSpec ship on route to the sun. IA inc agents returned to InStarSpecs headquarters to discuss their findings. InStarSpec CEO Sevor Hallin was very happy with the results of the mission. While we were unable to save the ship or find the answers from the recovered pilot Matthew James we did recover the ships datalog.

Unfortunately waiting for answers from mentally disturbed Matthew or data core was not an option. The research group that had headed to the planet had still not responded to communication request. At this point Sevor Hallin decided to once again redirect IA inc agents to deal with more pressing matters than their original bounty mission.

Through shrewed negotiating by Tengo Ryder we were able to secure an agreement of a large sum of credits for the potential risky mission along with a per person bonus for their recovery. To assist with the additional challenges this mission posed InStarSpec decide to send along a 4 employees with different areas of expertise for the mission.

Brooke Hammerstien was to oversee InStarSpec interest on the mission and keep Sevor appraised of the situation. Dr Kel Wurring was joining as as a Xeno specialist and doctor. Cal Totisk joined a chief security officer to protect the other employees. Lotin Delaradi joined the mission as a potential pilot for the missing InStarSpec freighter. Lotin was overly anxious to join the mission as his wife was part of the missing group of scientist on the planet.

After introductions were handled, and mission objectives established. IA inc agents acquired some new equipment that was available on the colony before heading toward the planet of Chamax. The information provide to us appeared correct and we found Charmax to be a planet that appeared completed void of life. Polar ice caps along with a small desert continent were the only areas we could land on this oceanic planet. The coordinates of the science team appeared accurate though, and Ooyakk was able to land our ship only a few 100 meters away to take a closer look.

Very quickly it was apparent the site was devoid of the employees we were sent to find. As the team approached the ship it also became apparent that ship had sustained a large amount of damage to its hull. A full circuit of the ship by Jihm showed the damage was from all directions.

FA-13 took point and we enter the lower floor of the freighter. Immediately upon entry we came across what appeared to be a large furry ball. Taking no chances FA-13 does what he does best and opens fire immediately on the seemingly harmless ball. After slaying the furry ball we involve Dr Kel to see what he can tell us about what this might be. Dr Kel is complete stumped and has no ideas whether this is an indigenous life form or a plant or and artifact found in the near by ruins.

What it might be though is quickly answered as the team begins sensing moving coming down the hallways of the ship. Strange alien life forms at first moving slowly begin pouring forth at the team. The IA agent’s best shooters open up with precision blaster fire they are know for quickly decimating the creatures. Bosski with his usually level of ferocity charges a group and quickly learns that this creatures are formidable melee combatants. There sluggish behavior goes away as they gain proximity to their targets. After being bit or grasped by the creatures they commence puking forth acid onto their targets. While initially not that damaging this acid becomes more and more dangerous as the attack continues. Cal Totisk heroics quickly cost him his life as decide to face more of the bugs than he could handle. Luckily through great team work IA agents were able to whittle down the initial assault after losing Cal. Checking on their wounds they realize that facing another wave of these creatures might not be good for their long term health. At that point another larger group of “bugs” begins heading for the party. Tango wisely calls the team to fallback out of the ship rather than engage the swarm head on. As the team falls back to the ships the team splits up between the freighter, the fighter, and a ground craft. As the “bug” pour forth from the ship it becomes apparent where the hull damage came from on the ships as the life forms use their powerful acid to simply eat through the hull when it gets in there way. The team now clear of the killing confines of the ship are able to make quick work of the enemy as in the open field they aren’t fast enough to keep up with a speeder, and the starship’s guns have no problem killing them wholesale.

Landing after the slaughter the group discussed possible paths forward. Tengo urged leaving as there still could be more bugs on board the ship and report back to InStarSpec. The group decided to push on towards the cockpit though in hopes of finding more answers about whether there might be any survivors. Things appeared all quiet on the ship and the team was able to make it to the second level without incident. As the team neared the bridge of the ship though they were frightened to run into the source of the infestation. A massive “queen” of the bugs was on this level birthing more furry eggs that must become the bugs we had been previously fighting. Before we could take action to end the queen though her personal retinue of awoke to engage us. Much tougher and vicious in melee this group proved to be a much more significant threat the earlier drones. The team fell back to a defensive position in the doorways of a near by hall and proceed to poor fire and grenades into the 6 hunters who came for us. In the interest of protecting the remaining InStarSpec employees Ooyakk ushered Dr Kel, Lotin, and Brook to the rear of the ship. Things got very messy as the bugs came down the cramped hallway. Tengo, FA-13 and Jihm were all able to score kills from range, but once the bugs closed in they quickly put Tengo and Jihm down in Melee. Bossiki fared better thanks to his pit fighting days, but the team only narrowly avoided being over run. Finally after some sustained combat and stim use the team was able to finish the hunters. Unfortunately during the melee two hunters had flanked around and had dispatched Dr Kel and Brooke. Lotin managed to escape by leaving them to their fates. We dispatched the remaining two hunters and found no remains of the two employees. We then returned to face the queen luckily to find that simply shooting her full of holes was enough to end her reign. Luckily the trip to the bridge was fruitful and we were able to locate the ship’s skiff that was missing. It was somewhere in the northern extreme of the desert continent. Lotin agreed to pilot the recovered ship, and we headed to the location of the missing skiff. At the point we found a few survivors of the science team, included Lotin’s wife Dr Beverly Delaradi. Realizing the recovered ship wasn’t space worthy we packed everyone into the IA ship, and dropped off the InStarSpec ship at the southern pole before returning to the colony.

Upon our return Sevor Hallin once again met us at the stardock. We reported on the results of the mission and were very handsomely rewarded for the results. While saddened about the loss of some of his employees the result of partially recovering the ship along with the archaeological relic had him pleased.

We received our pay and then tried to deal with the original resource we had come to the colony. The location and capture of two missing fugitives. Sadly their trail was cold after all the time we had spent on other duties, and we were unable to locate them.


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