It's all in the trigger squeeze.

The Capture of Vish Stin 1-4-29

Tengo Ryder - Bounty


ABY 0-4-29 Galactic Standard Calendar

Tengo took a deep breath and exhaled hard burning off some adrenaline. He did a quick peek around the corner of the alley and was greeted by a blaster shot that hit near his face. Jerking back quickly he heard a snicker next to him. He looked at Vish Stin on his knees next to him wearing binders.

Vish snickered with his head bowed and long green hair spilling around his face “too bad bounty hunter, no credits today I think my friends and I will be drinking to your lack of health later” he spit out at Tengo glancing up at him.

Tengo looked down, and then flipped his DL-44 around in his hand and swung it hard into Vish’s mouth and front teeth. There was a gut wrenching snap and cracking sound, Vish’s head snapped back and when he brought his stunned face back into Tengo’s line of sight, Tengo could see the broken stumps of Vish’s front teeth and the bluish blood running out of his mouth mixed with saliva. Vish screeched and wailed “you broke my teeth!”

Tengo replied while glancing around the corner again, “Well Blastech does make a hefty piece of firearm that’s a fact.” He then turned back and looked at Vish and this time wasn’t quite as sarcastic when he told him “Bargos said he wanted you alive, he didn’t say anything about legs that weren’t broken or eyes still in your head, so you might wanna shut that bleedin hole under your nose”. Tengo glared as Vish’s eyes widened, he shut up.

Tengo snapped off a couple shots at a pair of Shadow Order operatives down the alley and they dove for cover. Bargos also hadn’t mentioned that this alleged low level pudoo Vish, who Bargos said was just a numbers runner and general underworld mule had buddies in the Shadow Order. Tengo had knocked Vish silly easy enough in the cantina and slapped binders on him. He didn’t expect 3 Shadow Order goons to jump up to his aid. There was a minor exchange of blaster fire, 2 dead operatives and a third that made the mistake of bumping into a wookie with an eye patch and spilling his drink which earned him a speeder free ride across the bar, and then Tengo was out the back dragging Vish along the way.

They had been running and gunning since the cantina in the alleys and warrens of Mos Eisley. Just when Tengo thought he had lost them a group would pick them up again. He didn’t know the Shadow Order had this level of presence on Tatooine, but the baked desert world always seemed to serve up surprises about just who was here, and what they were doing. Great place to lie low since there was no reason to come here except to sweat a lot and get a sun burn.

Tengo grabbed Vish by the hair and began dragging him further up the alley wondering to himself where the damn Stormtroopers in this town were, no law and order at all, shameful. He ducked down a narrow side alley pushing Vish in front of him, and when they came to an opening to a street access exit, two more Shadow Order thugs blocked it. They were a pair Zygerrians and both had blaster pistols leveled at them. Tengo kept Vish between them. One hissed at Tengo “Just hand over the mark fella and you can walk away”

Tengo’s right hand flashed and he had his DL-44 out, the first shot caught the talker in the face, the second shot blew most of the second one’s gun hand off. He dropped wailing and clutching at his charred stump with his good hand. Tengo pushed Vish past him and to the right up the street. The thoroughfare was busier with locals and off worlders moving to and fro. Tengo was trying to get to the far side of town where Bargos had an actual footprint and resources. They were making good time when a flurry of blaster shots from a roof across the street made Tengo shove Vish down and dive for cover.

There were probably at least 3 snipers on the roof peppering them with shots. The speeder they were behind was getting picked apart. Beings were scrambling for cover, a few were even shooting at the snipers. Tengo then saw about 3 fire teams of Shadow Order goons making their way towards them. They were armed with rifles. Their position was not good and Tengo was looking for a way out when he heard the whine of heavy duty repulsors. Over the roof of the building behind him he saw a pair of cargo lifters slowly come into view and when he looked closer he could see both had auto blasters in a ball turret under the driver’s cab. This was not good Tengo thought for half second, until both turrets spun up to life and began spitting out a stream of blaster shots each away from them.

One stitched a trail of fire across the roof across the street and between the eruption of explosions and fire Tengo saw the snipers go down. The second was raking the street with fire where the goons on the ground had been advancing. Tengo saw them running for cover with no where to really go as a hail of blaster shots rained down. He saw a side load door open on one lifter and spotted one of Bargos’ Gamorrean goons hang out with a grenade launcher and start pumping frags into the opposition on the ground. It ended pretty quick and badly for the Shadow Order thugs.

The first lifter landed and the load door slid open. Bargos was inside and he was booming Hutt laughs. The translator droid spoke and explained to Tengo, “My lord Bargos thanks you for your hard work.” Tengo held up the hole in his overcoat one of the Shadow Order goons had installed with a blaster. “Tell Bargos he neglected to mention the Shadow guys and he owes me a new coat along with my money.” Tengo drawled.

Bargos boomed and laughed again and the droid said “My lord Bargos will gladly give you a bonus and he begs your forgiveness as he was unaware Vish had managed to contact the Shadow Order. He will also happily provide you with a grand new garment to replace your wardrobe” Bargos laughed more as he turned to Vish in the hold of the lifter who was on his knees whimpering and pleading with Bargos by that point. Tengo plopped down in one of the passenger seats along the lifter wall as the door closed and they lifted off. Damn Hutt worm, he really wanted off Tatooine and away from this damn Hutt.


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