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Tengo Ryder Backstory - Betrayal begets betrayal

Lt. Ryder - Suppressor Class Assault Ship "Greugun"

Tengo Ryder Backstory – Betrayal begets Betrayal

End of the Clone Wars…. Galactic Standard Calendar

Tengo walked down the corridor with what appeared to be a casual stride, purposeful but not particularly urgent. He appeared to simply be one of many Imperial officers aboard the Imperial assault ship Conquest. Making his way to some assignment on the mid watch of the vessel. He passed a number of both enlisted, as well as, other officers trading greetings with them. He met up with a Storm-trooper team making its rounds and they saluted which he returned as he passed them. He gave no outward sign at all of being a treasonist about to give away Eyes Only information to declared enemies of the state. On the inside he was nervous, but serving in the Clone Wars had given him enough experience to hide true feelings well enough.
Tengo strode for a good long while, which was to be expected given the enormity of a Suppressor Class Assault Ship. Falling somewhere between the more ubiquitous Avenger Class Star Destroyers and full blown massive command ships, the Suppressor Class served as a Expeditionary Strike Group command ship, part of a task force comprised of the Conquest, half a dozen Avenger class and a dozen or so lesser support vessels. He was making his way to some of the Auxiliary control sections, and since they weren’t under alert, or damaged and in need of them, there were few personnel on the level, particularly on the mid watch.
When Tengo reached the Auxiliary Comms area he reached into his pocket and without losing stride pressed the transmit button on his data pad. A little code that he had used a few times before during the Clone Wars pulsed out and accessed the camera command system on the deck. It forced a security system reboot. It wasn’t unheard of for a system to go down and reboot, and given it was an Auxiliary deck it certainly wouldn’t be any sort of alarm.
Tengo’s comm signaled just as he expected. A voice addressed him “Lt. Ryder this is TK-775, we’ve had a security system reboot in an area I show you just entered, can you advise sir?” Tengo paused and answered back in his best dry sarcastic tone “Well trooper, I don’t see any infiltrators or assassin droids, I think we’re probably shockingly looking at a system glitch” The trooper made a snort and responded, “I know, shocking our superior hardware would spontaneously reboot, hardly ever happens ten times a week.” Tengo answered back, “If I see any Gundarks I’ll yell chief” The trooper chuckled, “Much obliged sir, system should reboot in 15 minutes, we’ll handle the Gundarks after that, TK-775 out”.
Tengo set his watch and began jogging. He reached his destination quickly. It was an auxiliary comm/data broadcast control station, used for transmitting high level encrypted information. It was also in an area where the security system was down and no one would notice it being activated. He quickly began bringing up the system for a burst transmission. This was a betrayal of the first order, a death sentence was a given for this of course, but only after torture to try and glean co-conspirators. A betrayal, yeah, Tengo thought, a betrayal to be sure, the problem was he had made up his mind who was doing the betraying anymore. The Clone Wars ended dramatically with the collapse of Separatist forces, the elimination of its leadership and the betrayal of the Jedi.
In the two years since the end of the Clone Wars, an unconscious doubt had nagged at the back of Tengo’s brain. The end of the war was a little on the overwhelming side, everyone was thrilled and happy, and it had begun to seem to Tengo, that was exactly how it was supposed to have looked. Given the attrition that had been occurring in the war right up to that point, the fortuitous collapse of droid forces due to a cyber weapon seemed suspect. Their leadership all gathering in one place to die fighting and trying to evade capture by Lord Vader was also a fabrication Tengo had come to believe for two reasons, the entire leadership of either side never gathered anywhere, and Lord Vader wasn’t known for taking prisoners. Then the Jedi Order’s alleged treason had really bothered Tengo the most consciously. The need to engage them to the point of extermination was wrong, and Tengo knew it then, and like everyone else, he said nothing. Then 4 months ago he saw a name of a Jedi in a Eyes Only brief in their sector, Jedi Master Cenzo.
Tengo served under Jedi Master Cenzo during the Clone Wars and he was without a doubt the single wisest, most courageous, and honorable being Tengo had ever known. Murderous Republic traitor was simply not possible, and while two years prior Tengo had been part of the deafeningly silent majority he had made his decision. This new Empire was just as evil as the Old Republic was inept and corrupt. Neither was any damn good at all and he was done with all of it. Tengo began planning. Master Cenzo had been spotted, and apparently his Padawan Talia was also seen with him. Tengo had made a surreptitious copy of the intel and came up with a way to funnel the information to Master Cenzo. It had become painfully obvious the early stages of rebellion were in the air and Tengo had read enough intel to know of several places he believed surviving Jedi and Padawan were managing an underground network to locate and hide Force users from the Empire.
Tengo inserted the data disc into the console and fired off a burst transmission to a number of sources he was near certain would result in Master Cenzo learning he was being tracked. Contained in the file was background information of a Emperor’s Hand team that was operating in the sector and likely pursuing him and Talia. The deed was done and it was time for the next part of his plan, which involved him surviving. That’s when the control room door lid open behind him and his blood turned to ice.
“What are you doing?” the voice queried suspiciously. Tengo turned in his chair and he saw the black tunic of a COMPFORCE Observ Ensign. Emperor’s boot lickers as they were affectionately known around the O club. Tengo answered sarcastically “Why I’m committing high treason and transmitting Eyes Only intel to enemies of the state Ensign” Tengo said waving his hand at the comm screen “Look for yourself”
The ensign cocked an eyebrow and looked at Tengo quizically with an expression that gave Tengo the impression the ensign must have thought he was drunk. The COMPFORCE ensign leaned over the screen and his eyes went wide as he glanced at the file, which was precisely what Tengo wanted. He never saw the glow rod smash into his left temple with a kind of meaty thud noise. The ensign sprawled to deck, blood streaming from the side of his head and his eyes rolling.
“You won’t get away traitor..” the ensign gurgled. Tengo got down and looked him straight in the eyes “I already have.” and then he reached out and broke the ensign’s neck with a savage twist.
Tengo got up and opened a service access-way hatch in the room. He knew the route to the nearest lifeboat staging area by heart. This was actually his tenth trip down to the area. The previous nine and had been to familiarize himself with the layout, and to plant about 40 Barradium charges in the area. They were all placed to cause all manner of hell to break out when Tengo triggered them, fire suppression lines, coolant pipes, data trunks, bulkhead supports, etc.
Tengo reached the lifeboat area quickly and with 2 minutes to spare on the system reboot. He triggered his first set of charges which disabled the data trunk in the whole section. Alarms began wailing, but no one would know the escape pod access controls were used, which he did. Once in the pod he triggered the next set of charges, fire suppression and coolant pipes were blown, that would start a good fire with no way to put it out and fuel to keep it burning even without atmo. He blew the third set which destroyed bulkhead supports and caused multiple hull breaches. Tengo powered up the pod’s ejection and launch controls, then disabled its locator beacon. Finally he set off the last set of charges which was a cascading series of them leading towards the life boat staging area, just prior to reaching him he launched and the area turned to a sun.
The fleet was in full alert which was perfect. All ships were deploying and training their sensors to guard from what was surely some kind of attack. Everyone in the fleet was looking out, not in, no one would notice one little escape pod with no locator beacon broadcasting casually gliding away towards the planet below in a cloud of expanding debris from the Conquest. Tengo breathed out slowly, with the exception of one COMPFORCE puke he hadn’t hurt anyone else and no one would miss one lousy LT who would in all likelihood be listed as KIA. Now all he had to do was fabricate a new identity, gear himself up, get out of this system, and strike out across the galaxy to find a way to feed himself. The smile slowly spread across his face….


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