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Tatooine Leave 0-4-10 through 0-5-1 - Mos Eisley

Tatooine Leave -Mos Eisley

0-4-10 through 0-5-1 Galactic Standard Calendar


Aboard Hunter’s Gambit Upgrading Surgery programing and making minor modifications to ship.
Out every evening to the Cantina’s and Holo Domes.
Spent most of his times in the Casino’s betting on the “fights”. Also physical training related to prize fighting.
Updated combat sequencing and replaced a part damaged by Droid-Loader on Gavos.
Jihm Stonecrusher
Ooyakk spent his time networking. Improving a business relationship with Arend Shen, a Pantoran financier working as the tax administrator for the Cloud City of Bespin. (Improved Contact)

Ooykk arranged for a lucrative job on the fringe of known space, conducting an investigation for InStarSpec (a mining and exploitation company) in the Wild Space beyond the Arkanis Sector. (+5 EXP if this mission is successfully completed)
Tengo Ryder
Worked the training simulator and received some training from Stonecrusher prior to his trip off-world. (Obtained second specialization – Gadgeteer.)

Collected the Bounty on Vish Stin for Bargos the Hutt. (+5 EXP)


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