It's all in the trigger squeeze.

Session 3 Battle in the Workshop on the mining outpost.

Gavos 0-4-10

Workshop Battle-Gavos

ABY 0-4-10 Galactic Standard Calendar

FA-13 gripped the door release and announced to Tengo he was ready. Tengo adjusted his grip on his two weapons, a DL-44 with laser designator in his left hand and a modified Westar 35R in his right. Tengo nodded to FA-13 and the droid threw the cargo room door open. Tengo charged in clearing corners and quickly scanning with his paired blasters. Across the room he caught sight of the R4 unit from earlier that they all decided was as close to crazy as anyone had even seen a droid.
The R4 unit’s visual aperture pivoted towards Tengo as it was frantically mashing buttons on a control panel by the exit across the room. The droids in the mining facility Bargos had hired them to inspect had launched into some mechanical revolution mode and killed half the sentient crew. There wasn’t any time to dwell regardless of all the facts. Tengo leveled his blasters, exhaled, and calmly began squeezing the triggers, blaster bolt after blaster bolt spat out of the pair of handguns and screamed across the room towards the R4 unit. One caught the R4 and picked him up off the deck with the impact. It was spun partially around before several more impacted and explosively disassembled the droid.
Tengo paused his fire after the explosion to admire the hits and it was only at the last second he caught the sound of mechanical apparatus above and behind him. He ducked and began to roll forward only to have what he was pretty sure was the building hit him on the right shoulder and send him sprawling on the floor. Fire and pain lanced across his back and neck, but when he hit the floor he managed to roll and bring his pistols up firing. The load lifter droid pretty much was a wall with cargo handler arms. It was stomping towards him as Tengo’s shots began flaring against its chest and torso. The massive machine staggered back a step.
Tengo heard a Wookie roar as Gur, their sometime mechanic and all the time vice ridden Wookie partner, came in the room around the load lifter. Tengo could see blaster shots coming from across the room and out of the corner of his eye he glimpsed another battle droid from the Clone War days with a blaster rifle behind some crates. The machine never got another shot off as he heard the report of Gur’s Bowcaster and saw the battle droid blown in three by the explosive quarrel hits.
Tengo then began hearing blaster fire behind the load lifter coming from the machine shop where the rest of their team was. He could see flashes of impacts against the load lifter as their other two partners Oyakk and FA-13 were both pumping fire into the droid from behind. The load lifter turned its attention to them and the new threat assessing Tengo as down and out of commission on the floor. Tengo was taking aim on the load lifter as FA-13, Gur, and Oyakk’s shots finally took their toll and put the load lifter down in a smoking heap.

A voice then blared over the facility intercom. Sterile, passionless, mechanical. It identified itself as EV-88, the hereto unseen droid administrator and apparent leader of the droid revolution. Tengo looked and saw him enter the cargo deck from across the room by a set of handler blast doors with yet another lovely, hulking, load lifter at his side. He was extolling in monotone bullet points the superiority of droid kind and how between the failing environmental shields, and superior droid forces they would all meet their certain demise. Tengo saw Gur’s shoulders sink as the dialogue rambled on and that was about enough of this Tengo thought to himself.
While EV-88 continued and the second load lifter came to life, Tengo still lying on his back, casually reached down and un-clipped the last miniaturized TD charge he had from the Novacore facility from his belt. He set the time delay, looked over his shoulder at EV-88 and then completed what he was pretty sure was the best hook shot he had ever made in his life as he lobbed the charge at the droids on the other side of the room. It sailed in a high arc, Tengo could see the flashing indicator of the countdown as it soared. EV-88 was speaking and paused for an instance to pivot his head towards the charge as it came level with his head. His last official act as administrator was to look at it as the charge detonated and a mini star was born on the cargo deck. A couple hundred cubic meters of deck turned to fusion plasma. Two droids turned to molten slag splashed on the wall and blast doors behind them. The blast door breached and the scream of escaping atmo filled Tengo’s ears, along with a litany of curses and malignant opinions in Wookie roars from Gur. The base breach alarm was wailing and Tengo heard Oyakk in the comm advise him and Gur to take precautions.
Tengo, still lying on his back gave thumbs up to Gur, who peaked from behind a crate and returned the gesture. The Wookie drew out a cigar and lit it. Tengo then casually reached up with his unused opposing index finger and closed his breather visor. He let out a well deserved exhale, still lying there. He made a promise to himself, the Force and anyone else interested that if Bargos said one cross word to him when they got back to Mos Eisley he would shoot the worm’s last good eye out.


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