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Who double crossed the PYKES? - Session 1 (4-25-2014)

Location: Coruscant


ABY 0-4-1 Galactic Standard Calendar

Participants: Bosski, B-1R aka B"one"R, Tengo Ryder, and Ooyakk

Location: Coruscant – Imperial Center

It is a dark time for the galaxy, the planet of Coruscant – Imperial Center, once the glittering pearl of the Republic, now languishes under the shadow of the Galactic Empire. A bustling black market flourishes in the underworld, controlled by the notorious crime syndicate Black Sun.

Hired to infiltrate a Black Sun outpost and retrieve vital data on a bounty hunter who betrayed the PYKE crime family, a small group of bounty hunters works rapidly to access the heavily encrypted Black Sun network as things take a turn for the worse….

As B-1R finishes the download of the encrypted data, alarms sound in the facility, and the bounty hunters flee out to a busy landing platform and jump into a taxi speeder hoping to escape into the city. Four Black Sun goons in long black leather coats and blaster pistols jump onto personal speeders and chase after the bounty hunters.

A lucky blaster shot removes the head of the droid driver. Ooyakk picked up the space junk and heaved it over the side and slipped into the driver’s seat. Dropping the nose of the speeder at an impossible angle, Ooyakk drops altitude with the Black Sun enforcers in pursuit. Dropping below the skyscrapers into the seedy lower levels, Ooyakk skillfully maneuvers between all manner of speeders and obstacles and drops the taxi into an alley hidden from view. The Black Sun passes by the bounty hunters hidden in the alley.

The group dissolves into a conversation of considerable length as Tengo Ryder receives a message over his comm-link (from their employer) to meet at Chopper’s Speeder Repair shop in Quadrant L-42.

While talking in the dark alley at ground level, the squad of Black Sun goons had come back around and dismounted their speeders. Coming into the alley to confront the bounty hunters proved to be a bad idea. A withering barrage of blaster fire and the rise and fall of Bosski’s vibro-axe ended the remaining Black Sun employee’s tenure.

The group made their way down a few side streets evading the police response. The group hailed a speeder taxi, and the group took a ride to Chopper’s shop.

Chopper greets the bounty hunters and wastes no time bringing them back to his office through the noisy workshop.

B-1R hands over the stolen information and Chopper quickly works to decrypt the data which he does.

The data reveals the bounty hunter is Kaa’To Leeachos. Kaa’To was hired by the Pyke family to ambush a rival spice smuggler and was successful. Kaa’To is a Nikto working for some time for the Hutts. Kaa’To betrayed the Pyke family keeping the shipment and delivering part of it to the Black Sun mobsters. The Pyke family would like Kaa’To taken alive but will accept him dead. Letting Kaa’To would be deemed an unacceptable failure.

Kaa’to has made his reputation with a number of high-risk, unauthorized bounties and is considered a formidable operative. Chopper also mentions that he is familiar with the Nikto hunter and knows of a few places he frequents or has been seen: the Umbra Club,
the Spyder, and Zelcomm Tower. He suggests that the party should consult with any other contacts they have to gain more insight on their foe before confronting him.

The group quickly heads out to start following up on leads to locate the location of Kaa"to.

The first stop is a contact of Bosski, Regal Bultallan ( A Rodian Fight Organizer/Information Broker). Bosski has made Regal a fair amount of money in the past on his fighting skills and Regal owns and operates a Casino on Coruscant – Imperial Center, so their relationship works out well (Considering Bosski’s gambling addiction).

The crew enters Bultallan’s Grand, a casino in Sector 145 run by Regal and Bosski brings the group into a holo-dome dedicated to betting on a set of fights that are about to be watched by the crew. The crew bets on fighters and depending on how they do lose, keep or gain credits. Bosski lays out 300 credits so every one can partake and the crew has a good time. After the fights it is back to business. The group retires to Regal’s office and learns about The Umbra Club. Located in Sector 1459 of the city, the Umbra Club is a cantina and nightclub that caters to a less-than-upstanding clientele. A frequent haunt of death stick dealers and
addicts, this club is not on any must-see lists in the galactic travelogues. The elaborate holovids outside the club portray it as an upscale dancing establishment, though that
is far from the truth.

Regal tries, unsuccessfully, one last time to enlist Bosski for a bout while he is on Coruscant. The crew leaves and heads toward Zsi Zsi Hutt’s Pleasure House.

The crew enters the Pleasure house and requests a meeting with Zsi Zsi the Hutt. The meeting is granted as Zsi Zsi is a contact of Tengo and Tengo is a frequent customer of the business on visits to Coruscant – Imperial Center.

Zsi Zsi provides information about Kaa’To and Zelcomm Tower.

Zelcomm Tower: Rising above the crime-ridden lower levels of Coruscant, Zelcomm Tower is the home of Zelcomm Industries, a small shipping company specializing in cargo deliveries to the Outer Rim. It is a dark, foreboding building, lacking the lighting and flair of standard skyscrapers found in the Imperial capital.

The party keeps the meeting brief and business like, leaving soon after. Upon leaving the club the crew runs into a patrol of Coruscant Police Droids. The group plays it very cool and are let go after brief questioning about a shoot out involving a group possibly matching the composition of the group.

Next stop, Umbra Club. The group sits at the bar and orders drinks. They strike up conversation with Omacala (a Gotal) and with some drinks and credits learn the following:

“What do you know about Black Sun?”
In addition to the organization’s long-standing
stake in the spice trade, Black Sun seems to be expanding into the illicit arms trade, especially now that the fledgling Rebellion has emerged as a new buyer and its attacks are beginning to chip away at the Empire’s supply. The Gotal refuses to discuss
Black Sun any further.

_ “What do you know about Kaa’to Leeachos?”_
The Gotal has seen the Nikto bounty hunter in the cantina recently, meeting with a skittish death stick dealer named Speng. The dealer is here now, in a private booth conducting a transaction.

“What do you know about Speng?”
His death stick dealings provide him a decent income, and he does whatever
he must to maintain his lifestyle. He is constantly on edge and very nervous, so be careful how you approach him. “Who is Coruum Sa’dia?” The Ishi Tib works at Zelcomm
Tower as the owner of a somewhat shady shipping company. More than likely there’s some smuggling happening on the side, and you know what that means—keep your eyes open for extra entrances.

Tengo goes into a private booth and interrupts Spend in the middle of a spice deal. An exchange of some credits and Tengo gleans the following about Kaa’To from Speng:

Kaa’to? Yeah, I know Kaa’to. Comes around here sometimes to move merchandise he acquires on his jobs. He likes the sabacc over at the Spyder, and I hear he owes them a lot of money. That’s why he always brings me valuable objects he finds on his jobs, since I like the finer things, you know?

Upon exiting The Umbra Club the group is ambushed by a group of eight Black Sun thugs who are not prepared to deal with the likes of Imminent Apprehension Inc. The Black Sun are quickly dealt with and a prisoner taken and intelligence gained.

Later that night he group goes on to infiltrate Zelcomm Towers from the upper floors. They manage to open doors and disable many security systems with B1-R’s excellent slicing and Tengo’s ability to get into locked doors. Inside of Coruum Sa’dia’d office they discover files detailing weapon shipments from Zelcomm to the Rebellion and the identity and location of Kaa’To.

The slicing attempt reveals the following:

The computer files are clearly labeled and include numerous records of shipments, invoices, and balance sheets. A quick search of the system for Kaa’to’s name
provides an invoice for a partial shipment of weapons delivered one day ago, as well as an address: that of the kelerium processing plant in Sector 943. The remaining items on the invoice are scheduled to arrive later this evening at the abandoned section of the factory.
The PCs can gather names of potential contacts in the Zelcomm organization from the file as well, including individuals with whom Kaa’to worked in the past.

The group heads down to investigate more of the Tower and wind up in the basement where Zelcomm employees are busy putting together a large weapons shipment to multiple clients including Kaa’To. The group interrupts the nine Zelcomm battle ensues leaving the nine employee’s dead and Tengo shot up and B1-R blasted into multiple pieces. The group confiscates the large weapons shipment [GAINING OBLIGATION FROM ZELCOMM] and retreats to their ship to plan the raid on Kaa’To’s hideout……


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