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Raxus Prime - Session 8 (Beyond the Rim)

Some Debts are Better Paid

Session 7: Race to Raxus Prime

The session begins with the team arriving at Raxus Prime in short order with a skillful programming of the Navicomputer. On arrival the team receives a troubling message from Teemo the Hutt for Bosski essentially asking for monetary payment in regards to his having killed one of Teemo’s most prized pit fighters. Bosski agrees but then shorts Teemo the full asking price.

Planetary customs accepts the team’s surreptitious landing codes and story about bringing salvage to the junk world, however, an on site boarding is called for by customs who asks to rendezvous with them. A decision is made to run for the surface and attempt to elude the pursuers in the scrap canyons below. A group of 4 TIEs and a Lambda shuttle pursue the team into the atmo and towards the canyons.

Ooyakk pilots the Hunter’s Gambit into the canyons but Tengo doesn’t see a piece of low hanging metal and glances off if it in the Jade Lightning. A pair of TIE closes in on the team in the canyon while 2 others over fly the area along with the shuttle. Tengo manages to recover the flat spin the collision put him into while Huck and Jihm man the ship’s turrets. When the TIEs close to range both are engaged by the Gambit’s guns and destroyed in the canyon.

On exiting the canyon the team’s pair of ships are again attacked by the remaining TIEs as they scream towards a large junk arch in the scrap filled landscape. The main guns from the Gambit again rake the remaining pair of TIEs with fire destroying them as well. The shuttle flees the scene. The team continues on to the secret coordinates they were provided to meet Roehm and the ISOTECH people.

On landing the team in the camouflaged landing bay of ISOTECH the team is approached by an employee named Norta who asks for a brief synopsis of events. He relays that Roehm has been delayed but will arrive by the evening. Norta is pleasantly shocked at the thorough and complete success of the team. He advances them 2000 credits and shows them to quarters, food and a merchant area. The team makes a few purchases of gear and upgrades at the base, “Scrapheap Point”. While shopping the team notices an independent droid shopping for weapons as well. The team is approached by an unknown Twi’lek female that asks if they are available for a bounty hunting job on Coruscant, and they indicate they possibly may be.

The team then learns the operation is in constant need of various ship parts for other clients and Ooyakk, Huck, Tengo, and Bosski venture out into the pile to conduct some salvaging while Jihm remains in the base. The team does manage to locate the items. They are approached by a skiff with Jawas but warn them off, having grown paranoid of unknown contacts. On their return to the base they are tracked by an Imperial probe droid and forced to engage it with fire. It is quickly neutralized but likely has sent some kind of signal.

The four members return to the base with their items. Having been successful in their efforts they are paid for the items. Norta then invites them to a dinner and explains Roehm will likely arrive during the meal. The team chooses to attend the meal. Bosski decides he wants to impress Roehm on his arrival so he returns to the Gambit and retrieves Yar’s head from stasis. He has kitchen staff place the head on a covered platter with garnishment as a macabre gift to present Reohm with.

While on his way back to dinner he is approached by the same Twi’lek female inquiring further about the teams availability and asks him to review a target list. Bosski agrees and begins glancing at a datapad she hands him. A trap is sprung as he takes the pad and his attention is diverted. The female runs from him towards the dining area, she draws and throws a stun grenade in the same motion. From behind Bosski hears something large come charging down the ramp of a ship parked opposite the landing bay entrance. To his shock he sees Katoo Leachos coming at him cursing his name. Clearly still upset at his beating Bosski had handed him on Coruscant.

Bosski manages to signal the rest of the team on the comlink as to the situation before moving to engage Kaato. The grenade attack has little effect on Bosski as he charges Kaato. The rest of the team leaps from the table and runs for the bay. While running the droid they had seen earlier joins them for unknown reasons that become clear quickly. The team arrives near the bay entrance and the droid produces a grenade form an arm compartment and throws it at them. Jihm, Huck, and Ooyakk engage the droid, while Tengo charges into the bay to assist Bosski.

Bosski and Katoo have exchanged blows. The Twi’lek has taken cover across the bay and is firing on Bosski as well with blaster set to stun. Clearly the assailants have an interest in taking some, or all, of the team alive. Katoo in cursing Bosski has alluded to his debt to Teemo. Tengo fires on Katoo scoring a twin hit with his blaster pistols. Katoo stays on his feet. The rest of team heavily damages the droid in the hall and he takes further fire from behind destroying him, possibly from ISOTECH security. Another figure emerges from the assailant’s ship, a human male, armed with a force pike and he charges group in the hall to the bay hurling a stun grenade. The blast from that grenade catches Huck and Jihm. Huck is knocked unconscious and Jihm knocked back. Ooyakk engages Kaatoo with fire from cover near the bay entrance.

Katoo then decides to move around Bosski, who is fighting him near the base of the ship’s ramp, and close with Tengo. Kaatoo strikes Tengo twice with his stunning hand to hand skills and the Twi’lek shoots Tengo in the back as well. The flurry of solid hits drops Tengo in an unconscious heap in the middle of the bay floor.

Jihm engages the human male and begins to damage him over by the bay entrance, but the human strikes back again knocking Jihm to his knees with his force pike. Ooyakk keeps firing on Kaatoo, who has turned back to Bosski and is fighting him with a blaster pistol set to stun. During their confrontation Kaatoo damages Bosski’s vibro ax turning it into a simple blunt unpowered instrument, which Bosski continues to swing.

Across the bay Jihm is nearly defeated by the human male but he continues to fight back and between him and Ooyakk they manage to drive him off. He makes an attempt for the ship but is killed by fire from Jihm. The Twi’lek breaks from cover and heads for the assailant’s vessel. Bosski and Kaatoo continue to exchange blows, Bosski is struck with a Glop grenade and Ensnared in place but not before he manages to best Kaatoo again knocking him unconscious.

Unfortunately a medical droid comes form the assailant’s vessel and revives Katoo before Bosski and the team can rally. They escape the bay.

Raxus Prime – Session 8 (Beyond the Rim)

ABY 0-7-7 Galactic Standard Calendar

The team is helped by ISOTECH staff and they finally meet with Roehm. They learn he was injured in combat with YiYar operatives on the Wheel. He offers not only to pay them for their superb services, but also apologizes for what occurred in the bay, he proposes a business relationship given their obvious talents and in return offers the resources of the ISOTECH organization. He offers a sizable cash stipend in return for this relationship. During their negotiations, Tengo gives Roehm ISOTECHs financial records that B-1R had been able to access from their system to show good faith.

While this conversation is ongoing the base is discovered by Imperial patrol and attacked. In addition Roehm apologizes but it appears the team sent by Teemo was able to sabotage their ships with explosives and they are both too heavily damaged to be repaired in time given the Imperial attack.

Roehm says if they will help him get the CR-90 hidden in the scrap pile they are in space worthy, they may escape with him to a fall back secondary ISOTECH facility and he will help outfit them with a new vessel, as well as, continue to offer equipment at price they may require. The team agrees and the flight from Raxus Prime begins.


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