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Plunder of the Sa Nalor - Session 7 (Beyond the Rim)

Plunder of the Sa Nalor – Session 7 (Beyond the Rim)

ABY 0-7-1 Galactic Standard Calendar

Stonecrusher, Bosski, FA-13 and Tengo Ryder, Entered the ruins of Sa Nalaor. The mission; to locate the Sa Nalaor, recover technology, wealth, and potential survivors and bring back anything they find. The four crew members entered the wreck late in the afternoon. They were confronted by a rusted and decaying hulk of a ship that offered no quarter. Stonecrusher and Bosski took turns Spelunking and bouncing their skulls off the inner bulkheads while Tengo Ryder looked on in disbelief.
Searching anywhere technology and valuables might be cached or stealthily hidden, our company found a holo-emitter and very little wealth. They were confronted by three cybernetically enhanced Nexu. While not surprised by the ambush, they did not expect the ferocity with which the Kitty-cats recklessly charged. FA-13 was knocked out of the fight in the first charge. Blaster fire riddled the space hulk and the cats, eventually killing two of the three. FA-13 was rebooted and patched. A night in the hulk turned up very little in the way of mission objectives. Bosski was kept awake by the snoring of Tengo and Stonecrusher. As one might imagine Bosski was a bit tense and grouchy due to a lack of sleep. The hulk searched and few valuables found, our troop exited the hulk to find a competitor, the Yiyir Clan awaiting them in the cover outside the wreck. Yav, a Rodian of the Yiyir Clan, second in command, and of significant value to IsoTech’s competition, lead the assault on our company. A fierce battle erupted with blaster fire exchanged between opposing factions. Two Trandosians took heavy damage from Tengo and Stonecrusher and retreated into the jungle. Yav took several blaster bolts from Tango and stonecrusher before Bosski enganged the Rodian in single gladiatorial combat. Bosski hit Yav and Yav returned the favor. Critical hits from both gladiators landed. Bosski was critically wounded and called on his lizard toughness returning a strike to Yav, eventually severing both of Yav's arms and crushing his skull. Bosski roared triumphantly. While Tengo and Stonecrusher were busy routing elite forces of the Yiyar Clan, FA-13 devised a plan to keep the rank and file grunts from flanking our group. He jumped into the Hunter’s Gambit, powered it up and deftly piloted it within striking distance of the Rodian soldiers trying to squeeze behind a single boulder. Twin blaster cannons from the underbelly of the Gambit lanced razor red blaster bolts into the jungle causing the remaining troops to withdraw from the fight. No casualties were noted, but the blaster fire was effective in suppressing the assault.
A quick treacherous transmission from IT-3PO sent the group back into the hulk after loot that failed to materialize. The group, frustrated with the ruse exited to find a small separatist army on the shore near the Gambit, talking to the traitor IT-3PO. No less than two of the party were inclined to shut the droid down with a blast to his metal skull. Calmer thoughts prevailed and we were introduced to Captain Harsol, and his followers. We later met Captain Cratala and her staff at the fortified village about 30 minutes travel from the Sa Nalaor. We were introduced to the villagers/survivors of the wreck. There was clearly opposition to us being allowed to live and a sentiment that having done so would bring the wrath of the Empire. Negotiations were short lived when an assault craft flown by the Imperial ISB troopers arrived and attempted to surround the compound with speeder bikes. A fierce battle erupted between the Imperial troops and the occupants of the compound. Blaster fire lanced back and forth, Bosski charged into the fray following three Nexu that head been modified by Cratala. Bosski cleaved a trooper and cut the control surfaces of a speeder bike, sending it spiraling into the outer works of the compound. A spectacular explosion erupted. A short battle ended in Imperial forces being routed and fleeing the planet before they could be pacified. The stark realization by Captain Harsol and his crew, that the Empire had found them, resulted in the quick evacuation of important information and personnel on board the Hunter’s Gambit. The remaining crew were hidden in nearby caves in preparation for follow on evacuation. The Hunter’s Gambit hurtled through hyper-space to its next destination, Raxus Prime.
After Action Review:
Lessons from the encounter. FA-13 needs to work on marksmanship, and flew the Hunter’s Gambit far better than Ooyakk believed possible. Tengo and Stonecrusher agree additional ground based firepower is needed in the form of Heavy blaster or repeating blaster weapons. While Bosski is medically trained, his gladiatorial skill set can cash checks far greater than is his ability to heal the damage done by such encounters. Bosski needs to work on his bedside manner. The Hunter’s Gambit, while sufficient for current operations may need to be upgraded or sold in favor of a larger ship with a cargo capacity allowing a mule or several land speeder craft for planetary operations. Huck and Ooyaak returned to the ship just prior to lift off. Their mission to capture a live Nexu, ended in unknown results. We await their briefing.


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