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In the Shadows

In the Shadows – Sessions 5-7 (Ooyakk Chronicles)

*ABY 0-6-20 — 0-7-2 * Galactic Standard Calendar

The voyage has been a long grueling journey, after leaving Chamax onto a new source of bounty on The Wheel. The 14 day trip back out of deep space took it’s toll on Ooyakk and the rest of the crew, thus Ooyakk stared off blankly as he sat in the pilot’s chair. The rest of the crew were in quarters or at mess as they would soon break hyperspace and break into the system containing the wheel. Ooyakk needed to ensure the rest of the crew were ready when reaching the jump zone, as he reached for the Comm Link he noticed that a message was being hailed by the Hunter’s Gambit’s communications array. As Ooyakk attempted to pull up the message he noted a familiar encryption key. This must be a message from Councilman Jaa. Ooyakk looked around briefly to ensure no other crew were nearby and entered the encryption key to open the message.

Finally it was a clue he had been waiting for he will find the trail that leads him to the rebel Gand and the shadowy figure manipulating him. Yet, how was Ooyakk to get this information should this mission prove to be as councilman Jaa stated and how would he keep it a secret from the rest of the crew? Ooyakk in his contemplation adjusted his Ammonia breather and set to work to devise a plan as they moved approached the Jump zone.

On the Wheel Ooyakk and the crew of IA meet with Roem just as Councilman Jaa had stated they would and the mission details were exactly as stated as well. Who was councilman jaa working with to get such exacting details on a mission so far from the home world? After spending some time to gather equipment and details on the location of the purposed lost ship Ooyakk and the IAI crew set off to the planet of Cholganna.

During the jump to the planet of Cholganna Ooyakk put the start of his plan into action. As pilot it was his duty to ensure the ship stayed on course which left him a lot of time to explore the ship and it’s working when the rest of the crew were asleep. Wandering the halls and discussing the workings of the ship with B1R he soon found that the environmental systems were located just aft of the Bridge and were easily accessible. In learning this Ooyakk stated to tinker with the system to note oxygen levels throughout the ship. He soon triggered an alarm which he soon sabotaged, informing the crew that they will need to get the sensor replaced one the ship returned from Beyond the Rim. With the sensor on constant alarm there was no telling from the rest of the crew if there was anything amidst.

On the final day of the voyage before reaching Cholganna Ooyakk was putting final touches on the changes to the environmental system to ensure remote manual overrides on the oxygen production of the ship. As he returned to the bridge he found B1R staring down at the comm system. B1r glances up at Ooyakk and asks "Good afternoon Ooyakk, I see that this message has been received by the comm system. I believe that we need to share this information so that the group can decide if we wish to pursue this information to find your rebel Gand. " Ooyakk knew that this was not the right time to reveal his intentions or plans with the rest of the IAI. Ooyakk reached into into his pocket knowing this day could come but was sure it would have been FA-13 to root out this secret. Thumbing the restraining bolt he had been carrying around he approached B1R, As B1R turned to get out of the Pilot seat Ooyakk slipped on the Bolt.

Ooyakk hurriedly pulled the now limp pile of scrap across the floor out of the bridge into the environmental control room. He propped him up in the corner and sealed the door. There would be no reason for crew to enter but how would he explain B1R’s absence?

As soon as the hunter’s Gambit dropped from Hyperspace they were meet with a debris filled nebula that caused both Tengo and Ooyakk to make a number of decisive maneuvers to make it to Cholganna, once the debris was clear both pilots made their way to the surface of the planet for scanning, in their haste trying to locate the ship and survivors as well as stay ahead of the Yiyar Clan the no one stopped to mention the absence of B1R, much to Ooyakks relief. As the crew and it’s newest addition Huckyl B. Finn made their through the jungles of Cholganna Ooyakk was preoccupied with the recent stashing of B1R and how he would proceed with completing the stealing of the data should they find anything.

Shortly after reaching the main structure of the ship, and a brief encounter with some Cholganna wildlife Huckyl asks Ooyakk to join him in the hunt for the Nexu. Huckyl mentions something about helping Ooyakk refine his skills in tracking but Ooyakk is just looking to get away from the rest of the crew before any questions arise.

After capturing the Nexu and reaching the hunters Gambit the rest of the IAI had found the Dr. in charge of cybernetics and all of her materials. To Ooyakk’s surprise she was to ride on the ship with as they took her to Raxus Prime to meet Roem. Ooyakk and the rest of the IAI crew assisted the refugees into the Hunters Gambit and soon made leave from the surface of Cholganna.

While orbiting the Cholganna Ooyakk made his astrogation calculations to Raxus Prime, yet he needed to extend the trip so that he could retrieve the needed information and transmit it once it was obtained. He added another 2 days to the trip, mentioning to Tengo that the star maps retrieved from the wheel indicated heavy imperial patrols and that the new route was in place to circumnavigate around the patrols.

As hunters Gambit made the Jump, Ooyakk’s final phase started. Slowly over the course of a few hours Ooyakk decreased the oxygen output of the Environmental system, as the O2 levels dropped the crew and passengers soon stopped wondering the ship and soon they were all asleep, with the exception of the medical droid that came with the doctor and FA-13. Ooyakk made his rounds and noted that the Medical droid was working on a number of schematics that the doctor has assigned him to rework and FA-13 was busy stacking the guns and counting his credits in the storage room. Now was the time to get that information, Ooyakk crept into the cell where the doctor was staying and quickly downloaded all of the data contained and grabbed all of the doctor’s notebooks and began recording them. Once all of the information was obtained. Ooyakk brought the O2 levels back to normal and prepped the transmission. As soon as the came out of Hyperspace the transmission was ready to send.

All Ooyakk can do now is wait to see if the information was received as needed, and what information Jaa will be able to provide about finding the Rebel Gand.


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