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Exploration of Cholganna - Session 6 (Beyond the Rim)

Exploration of Cholganna – Session 6 (Beyond the Rim)

ABY 0-6-25 Galactic Standard Calendar

The session begins with team IAI (Imminent Apprehensions Inc) in pursuit of the Yiyar clan on the Wheel. The Yiyar thugs had just captured the droid provided by IAI’s employer ISOTECH who was to assist in the search of Cholganna for the wreck of the SaNalaor. The team split up in the pursuit with Stonecrusher taking off on foot in pursuit of the thieves. Bosski leapt into a grav sled commandeered by Ooyakk and they proceeded to ‘speed’ after the bandits. FA-13 took to the air with his jet-pack and followed as well while Huck and Tengo drew long range weapons and took aim at the Yiyar thugs.
Stonecrusher was first to close the distance but unfortunately he also presented the first target of opportunity to them as well. A barrage of blasters set to stun dropped Stonecrusher as he reached the opponents grav sled. Next FA-13 closed range and fired at them missing his mark. Tengo took aim and fired first. Choosing to aim for the sled driver a well aimed shot put the driver down but a hapless med droid wandered into the line of fire and was destroyed by the shot on its way to its target. Huck followed with a shot from his hunting rifle that delivered a vicious wound to one of the Yiyar leadership but did not fell him.
Tengo then chose to move to Stonecrusher and begin to revive him. Huck took another shot felling the leader he had hit prior. FA-13 fired again missing his mark. Ooyakk and Bosski had closed the distance by this point. In taking his shot Huck had killed the Yiyar leader whom had also taken control of the led and caused it to crash. Bosski jumped from his and Ooyakk’s sled and engaged the remaining Yiyar people killing another. When the whole group reached the sled the remaining Yiyar goons had fled. They secured the ISOTECH droid, IT-3PO and decided to beat a hasty retreat from the scene.
IAI then boarded their freighter and fighter and chose to disregard a Wheel ground stop order and take off to flee the Wheel. In so doing they encountered a bulk freighter that was landing while they exited. There was minor hull damage to the fighter however aside from some ungracious comments to flight control they successfully fled the system and set course for Cholganna.
When team IAI arrives at their destination they drop from hyperspace in the middle of a sensor scrambling nebula and meteor shower. Some deft piloting checks later coupled with minor hull damage and they manage to make orbit above Cholganna. The team then engages in a series of ever focused scans of the planet and manage to narrow their field of options for possible crash sites if the SaNalaor to 10,000 sq km area in the northern hemisphere. They also what appeared to be remnants of a possible escape pod .Dropping from orbit into atmo and conducting visual scans results in the team discovering what looked to be the aft section of the vessel having come to rest at the end of a gorge where it had created an artificial dam on a river and corresponding lake. The team chose to set down and investigate the pod first.
The pod was found in the bottom of an overgrown gorge and despite a few minor climbing mishaps managed to find the pod in the middle of a fetid pool of water with large what looked to be stinging insects flying from within its open hatch. FA-13 jetted over to the pod and was able to verify through one set of remains it was in fact crewmen of the SaNalaor. The insects posed no risk to FA-13 and the team departed the pod having found a rusted lone blaster pistol.
The team then traveled to the site of what they believed was the aft section of the SaNalaor and managed to find a landing spot. In searching the area Huck discovered a hidden boat that appeared to have been used in the last few weeks. The team chose to split up. Huck maintained watch on the shore, while FA-13 once again took to the sky with his jet-pack and the remaining team members took the boat to the wreck. The wreck itself had water coursing through most levels. They were able to climb aboard with gear. Ooyakk was lowed into the hull but was not able to find anything of note and determined it was unstable and dangerous. It would require far more recovery gear than the team had to thoroughly search the remains here.
After getting back to shore they conferred further. Their examination did determine this aft portion was likely the beginning of the debris field which in all likelihood stretched north up the river. While discussing options an incoming craft was heard and a YT-2400 was seen streaking overhead. They did not seem to slow it was unknown if they had spotted the team. The team had also noted in their scans there was a large possible piece of hull about 2 km north up the river. The decision was made to lift off in the ships, fly low and slow above the river and creep north looking for any further hull sections.
The team did locate the hull section and it appeared to be the bridge. They also found another suitable landing location several hundred yards away with overhear cover to conceal the ships. After completing that they set out on foot for the hull site. While en-route a number of arboreal squid like tree dwellers attacked the group. Bosski was captured and drawn upwards to the tree canopy. A volley of shots from Huck, Tengo, and Stonecrusher wounded or killed most of the tree dwellers and a final ax blow from Bosski sealed the fate of the creatures.
On arriving at the hull the team began a sweep of the area. Huck found remains of a settlement and a number of graves. The age seemed consistent with possible survivors and the first year of their exile, as well as, possibly crew that did not survive the initial crash. There were entry points into the hull located the team began to discuss their options for exploring it. They also had a possible side job in being able to subdue and a capture a Nexu alive for return to the Outfitter on the Wheel.
While speaking the sound of a repulsor was heard approaching. They team took cover and finally what appeared to be an Imperial Recon droid appeared. The team engaged it with fire, however, it is likely it managed to send some sort of burst transmission prior to being destroyed. Time was now running short for team IAI.


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