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Bosski vs Kiash the Destroyer - The Wheel

Bosski vs Kiash the Destroyer – Session 5 Fiction

ABY 0-6-20 Galactic Standard Calendar

Hi fight fans this is Wayland Wrath bringing you the best of the best from around the galaxy. Our fan favorite of the day comes to us from an outer rim fight from the famous “park” on the Wheel. While not normally known for the most exciting fights this location offered up a special treat today. Kiash the Destroyer faced off against new comer Bosski in a no holds bared tug of war match. I’ve personally been a long time Kiash fan as I like my fighters like I like my woman, almost completely shaved. Kiash was sporting his usual mowhawk, and completely shaved other than that. As those of you who have watched Kiash’s glory bouts before he usually faces off against 3 fighters. The tug of war concept is usually used as fighters are all tied to Kiash with around 20 feet of rope to prevent them from running away from him. This all started after a match against 3 Bothan martial artist after the final standing fighter refused to engage Kiash for over two hours after one of his fellow fighters died from receiving the Kiash “destroyer” elbow to the noggin.

Since then Kiash has as established quite a name for himself in this glory bouts. Not always winning out right he has an impressive record considering it only accunts for the 3 man format.
With a record of 5 win 12 losses in this format to face off against a single fighter must have been something he was looking forward to.

Bosski is a little known fighter, but has been feature on our show once before. Many of you remember his famous “oh no you didn’t” look he gave the Mandolorian Mangler after Bosski watched him disemboweled his partner in a two on two bout. While he lost that bout the Mangler had to retire from his injuries that Bosski dished out before the Manglers partner was able to pull him off him.

Bosski’s record going into this match was 8 wins 4 loses. Many of the odds makers thought this would be a short match, and put the odds somewhere between 3 to 1 and 2 to 1 against Bosski.

As all fight fans know though a Wookie versus Trandosian bout has the potential of turning into something magical, and tonight was one of those moments. Lets get to the fight!

As the bell sounded Bosski was the first to react. In a arena filled with weapons along the walls, and tied to one of the largest wookie we know of he didn’t the unthinkable. He charged Kiash? Bosski served up a vicious 2 punch combo followed by a bone crunching right cross that would have felled most fighters. Unfortunately for Bosski, Kiash is not most fighters, and having over extended himself with his opening assault was perfectly lined up for Kiash’s famous “Destroyer” elbow drop. Normally used as a finishing move towards the end of fights Kiash dropped 450 pounds of muscle and hate down atop Bosski’s melon. I can’t recall seeing a harder hit than this. Strangely Bosski was some how still on his feet although everyone could tell it couldn’t last.

As true showman both fighters kept on fighting. Fans could tell Bosski was on the edge of disaster but he just kept throwing vicious body combos into Kiash. Kiash began to grow tired of Bosski still standing after trading punches back and forth. He decided to employ the use of the rope to ensnare him before dropping yet another bone crunching punch to the face. Bosski could barely stand after this punch, and had hunched to his knee to recovery his strength. Kiash than played to the crowd by allowing his opponent a brief moment to recovery before coming over to finish him. Bosski had one punch left to throw though. Rising from his knelling position he delivered children destroying upper cut to the groin of Kiash. Fans around the rim all reached down to check there own nuts for damage after watching the vicious punch. As Kiash reeled back from the blow we could tell that both fighters were now on the edge of their ability to continue.

It was Kiash who acted first though once again utilizing the rope to entangle Bosski before picking him up and delivering him head first into the dirt. Fans all hoped Bosski would rise after this and continue to fight titan against titan, but it was to much to ask.

And that fight fans is why we love a wookie trandosian fight!

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