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Black Sun Business

Bonadan Spaceport SE II

Black Sun Business

ABY 0-6-15 Galactic Standard Calendar

The male Chiss seated at a booth in the main lounge of the Bonadan Spaceport SE II looked no more out of place than the myriad of species that were mingling in the facility. It was an enormous place with a transparisteel dome that showed a sky dotted with freighters, transports, and the odd CSA patrol ship. Thousands of beings were gathered drinking, talking, eating, mingling and otherwise socializing in the stadium sized hall. Various areas had different styles of music playing and there were both droid and sentient waitstaff bustling from table to booth. The spaceport itself was one of the single busiest in the Corporate Sector and it was advertised as handling about 9% of the total GDP of CSA space annually. It was an urban techno commerce hub which rivaled galactic core worlds in its hustle and bustle. It was also on the Outer Rim, not technically in Imperial Space, and perfect for beings to meet over jobs best discussed discreetly.
The Chiss customer looked right at home and completely blended with the crowd. He had just finished a spiced Bantha steak and washed it down with a goblet of Glenvast vintage spice wine. For a spaceport lounge meal on the rim it was actually pretty good the Chiss thought. He ordered a second glass of spice wine and glanced at his data pad on the table in front of him. Two minutes until his contacts arrived. The waitstaff delivered his glass of wine in about one minute from the time he input the order at the automenu, which also impressed him, good service. He took a sip and looked across the floor towards the main entrance foyer about 200m away. He spotted his two contacts as they entered.
They did an excellent job of entry and moved into the lounge. They looked like businessmen from out system and moved as though they were assessing the venues within. They didn’t give any obvious appearance of being a pair of Black Sun operators as they casually criss-crossed the floor towards him. They smiled at staff and exchanged greetings with various friendly inebriated patrons and did a fantastic job of presenting themselves as jovial salesmen. He picked them out in about 3 seconds.
They stopped at his table and their smiles vanished, the two seated themselves, a Bothan and human, the human slid a data disc across the table to the Chiss. He took the disc and inserted it into his pad. While the information scrolled and booted up the Chiss ordered 3 more glasses of the spice wine. He glanced at the information displayed. There was a grainy surveillance still of a bearded, dour looking human male in combat gear in some industrial facility. There had clearly been some kind of firefight around him based on the footage and in the background of the shot the Chiss could see several subjects down. There was a police ID scan and contact report with personal information. It was forged and very well done. There were some manifests of various weapons and supplies and a number of dossiers on other subjects. The human spoke. “We would like him brought in alive with any associates” The Chiss looked at the human and responded flatly “That could be arranged, the price will be triple though” The human sucked in his breath and gritted his teeth “That’s a highly presumptive thing to demand of my employer.” The Chiss paused and folded his hands before responding.
“These ID papers are clearly false, and absolute masterpieces, the kind of thing I’d expect from Imperial Intel or the Emperor’s Hands. If he made them he is an artist, if he bought them, he has enormous resources and contacts. The security still clearly shows he has considerable combat skill. Finally, if the Black Sun Vigo of Coruscant doesn’t feel his own resources are up to the challenge and he’s come to me, that points to a whole different level of threat. The price is triple.” He responded calmly.
The human paused, glanced at the Bothan and spoke. “Done. Triple.”
Staff delivered three glasses of spice wine to the table and walked away. The Chiss waited for them to turn away and spoke to the pair of Black Sun operators, “A drink then, to your health gentlemen and the prosperity of the Black Sun”. The Chiss subtly waved his right hand and two of the glasses slid untouched towards the others across the table.


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